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The Application and Classification of Magnesium Carbonate

The light magnesium carbonate’s application field is very extensive. The magnesium carbonate can be used in pigment, oil paint and printing ink industry. According to magnesium carbonate needed by these industries, it is used to producing magnesium compound with high purity. At the same time, the magnesium carbonate used in refractory material, extinguishing agent, floor and insulating material. In the plastics and rubber industry, it often used as packing and smoke inhibitor. In addition, it also has a few applications in the production of glass, ceramics, chemical medicine and chemical fertilizer.
The pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate can be applied to antiacid, and used to treat hyperchlorhydria, stomach and duodenal ulcer. Because it has small size and weight, it is suitable for making up powder. In the food industry, it can improve the dispersibility and mobility of flour additives. It also can be said anti-caking bulking agent. In addition, it can be used in making magnesium salt, magnesium oxide, fireproof and heat insulating material, fire retardant coating, rubber, ceramics, glass, cosmetic, toothpaste, pigment, etc.
The food grade basic magnesium carbonate is used mainly as flour improving agent. In the flour improving agent’s scientific formula, basic magnesium carbonate is an important auxiliary element.
The electronic grade basic magnesium carbonate: Except for used in electronic components, it is also the important raw material to manufacture high purity magnesium oxide, advanced printing ink, fine ceramics, medicine, cosmetic, toothpaste, pigment and so on. Among these industries, using in electronic material is the highest additional value.
The magnesium carbonate for transparency is mainly used as filler and fortifier in light-colored or clear rubber. After mixing with rubber, it hardly change the rubber’s refractive index. What’s more, it can increase the rubber’s abrasive resistance, flexure resistance and strength of extension. It also can be used as additive of oil paint, printing ink and coating. In addition, it can used in toothpaste, medicine and cosmetic as well.
The quality of Block light magnesium carbonate is similar to light magnesium carbonate. The shape of it is a cake with a certain size. At present, the application of it is only to absorb sweat for athle ...

News Release: The Application and Classification of Magnesium Carbonate
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