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Tatum O’Neal – The Legendary Actress Who Won Youngest Oscar In Her Debut Performance

LA, California, 15 December, 2016: However, it’s not that she was born rich and famous; rather she was one of those legendary talents who had excelled in the creative world of acting (both in TV and on Screen) as well as writing. And to more, she won the Academy awards just at the age of 10 and that too, through her debut performance in “Paper Moon” and won the fame of very rare actors to win Oscars in their debut performance.

The life of Tatum O’Neal offers many perspectives about career, struggle, fame and honor. Being from an all actors’ family with his father and mother being well-famed actors, she has been quite familiar with the screen and camera. This has reflected on her future years as an actress with confidence and extreme talent. This was her career of more than 40 years in the film industry that she is still on Number 14 of VH1’s list of “The Greatest: 100 Greatest Kid Stars”. She also won the Golden Globe Award for the New Start of the Year in 1974 for the performance in “Paper Moon”. She became the highest paid actress in history at the age of 11 when she made “The Bad News Bears” in 1976. She also is famous for being the first girlfriend of the King of Pops - Michael Jackson.

“Tatum Oneal is just not a name; she is a figure in herself. From her childhood as one of the highest paid kid actress to his marriage to professional tennis player John McEnroe and to their divorce and till the end of fight for her children’s custody in 2004, her life was full of turbulences and turmoil. She has bravely overcome all such turmoil of her life to redefine her character as Tatum O’Neal” – says a famous Page-3 writer in New York.

“When she published her autobiography “A Paper Life” in 2005, she eventually became number 4 on the Bestsellers list of New York Times. She is the author of “A Daughter's Journey Home”, which was published in 2011. Although there were a lot of disagreement of opinions over her autobiography (especially from her father Ryan O’Neal), but this book provided enough of Tatum to her fans and followers making her biography to be on the shelf of best sellers.” – adds a huge fan and supporter.

In 2011 she and her father initiated efforts to restore their broken relationship of over 25 years. This was covered through the Oprah Winfrey Network under a series “Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals”. Her life again saw another event of turbulence with her arrest for possessing contraband substances, although the charges couldn’t clarify if they were for her personal use or anything with malicious intentions. She pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and spent two and half day sessions under a drug treatment program.

The life of Tatum Oneal offers a lot of things to learn how to combat life with values for living with high morals. It also explains the value of women as a self-motivated and self-sustained entity in the world. Her autobiography is a must read for people, who still think women are lesser talented that others. For more information about this legendary actress and her life a link on IMDB can be scanned at ...

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