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Switzerland is home to world’s top earning expats – Kaiser Hoffman Capital

Expatriates residing in Switzerland are paid an average salary of $188,275 per annum.The figure is almost twice that of the worldwide average and is the highest in the world.

“Expats ranked Switzerland favorably for both monetary and individual well-being gauges,” said Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat. “The combination of high salaries and excellent work culture has placed Switzerland at the top of the careers league table.”

Apart from sizeable salaries, an improvement in work life balance makes Switzerland a most desirable destination for an occupation overseas.

“Expats working and earning big in Switzerland say that the work culture of the country is far superior to that of their own,” said Henry Holt, Chief Economist at Kaiser Hoffman Capital.

The top 6 places were occupied by European countries with Germany and Sweden were also highly rated at 2nd and 3rd place although salaries were less than or equal to the worldwide average.

Sweden and Germany boast other desirable factors for expats seeking careers abroad with Germany offering the most employment security and Sweden offering excellent work-life balance.

Previous data released by HSBC revealed that although Switzerland holds the top position for financial gain for expats working in the country, it rates nearly last in fosteringpersonal connections and social time. The expense of living in Switzerland is also extremely high, with the cost of food at around 70%greater than the average for the rest of Europe and health care services costing 100% more.

The Middle East scored highly for employment benefits with Hong Kong and Singapore rating highly for professional development.

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News Release: Switzerland is home to world’s top earning expats – Kaiser Hoffman Capital
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