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Sonoma Farm Explains How to Make the Best Use of Their All-Natural Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

Since long vinegar have been employed for their disinfectant and astringent properties. They also have been employed as a preservative & flavoring in prepared foods. However, Balsamic vinegar has a number of pros beyond those conventional uses of vinegar. Apart from its flavorful taste profile it also come with a number of health benefits.

“Our collection of Balsamic vinegars boasts fresh flavors such as strawberry, Peach and our recent release Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar which is another fruit infused creation that we are absolutely excited to provide our customers. People who love our collection of balsamic vinegars will be delighted to add our latest Dark Cherry Balsamic vinegar to their culinary collection. This fruit infused balsamic is bursting with intense cherry flavor and is ready for sprinkling, whisking and spattering into your preferred recipes at home” said a spokesperson of Sonoma Farm.

Below mentioned are just a few ways you can make use of our latest Cherry Balsamic vinegar:

Sprinkle over stewed fruits such as apples, gigs, or pears, and finish with a small volume of mascarpone cheese.

Stew down with pan juices from roasted chicken or lamb to produce a reduction sauce for dinner.
Mix together with one of our Citrus Olive Oils for a fruity salad dressing.

Add a few drops into a nut and fruit saturated grain pilaf and finish off with fresh parsley or basil.

Dress a cheese platter by drizzling our black cherry balsamic vinegar over cut cheeses, along with chopped nuts and honey.

Employ in place of wine in a marinade for steak, pork, or lamb dishes.

Add a splash to your favorite pasta dish, particularly anything with fresh basil, spinach or soft cheeses.

Add a few drops over a fruity or vanilla ice-cream.

“A sweet, aromatic and exceedingly rich tasting product that has earned positive reviews from our gourmet consumers. There is no added sugar whatsoever and always stands out when paired with duck, chicken and pork” the spokesperson added further.

About the company:

Sonoma Farm is an FDA inspected artisan gourmet food producer that provide a range of certified Organic products in all of their categories. They buy all of their ingredients from local farmers & top producers in Italy and Califor ...

News Release: Sonoma Farm Explains How to Make the Best Use of Their All-Natural Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar
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