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Six Smart Ideas For Shipping Container Modifications

Auckland, December 21, 2017: More businesses are choosing modified shipping containers for workspace, storage, switch room and equipment enclosures than ever before. Considering the massive demand for modified containers, some manufacturers are offering a range of container modification options. Here are six smart ways for container modifications. Now, based on your requirement, you may ask for modifications so that the specialised container can meet your specific needs.

1. Exterior Branding

When you are using the shipping container for optimising your business goals, you can use its exterior for branding purpose. Choose the specific colours associated with the brand and paint accordingly. You can also include logos, contact information, hours of operation as well as product photographs.

2. Interior Paint

Most specialised containers in NZ are painted with same colours on the interior and exterior walls. However, you can modify the interior wall colours as per the requirements of interior build-outs such as workforce housing, offices and so on.

3. Flooring

Shipping container structures come with standard moisture-resistant flooring. For common purposes, this moisture-resistant, marine grade flooring is sufficient. However, when you are going to use the container for any professional environments such as a mobile office, training room, etc. you may prefer a more refined look such as vinyl flooring with a modern wood plank design. Choosing durable and slip-resistant polyvinyl flooring is another popular choice for container modification.

4. Workspace Upgrades

Some container manufacturers and sellers install built-in workspace surfaces. You can request ready-to-use surfaces with certain sections having laminated countertops. You may choose more modification options such as whiteboards, wall-filling systems, bullet in boards and so on.

5. Lighted Personnel Doors

If you want to allow more light into the shipping container, consider adding a lighted personnel door. Compared to the inbuilt metal doors, these sturdy, steel doors come with the choice of locking mechanisms and a large window.

6. Chassis

Do you need to relocate your shipping container structure frequently? In that case, you should consider installing the container on a chassis. It will allow the container to hook up to a truck and m ...

News Release: Six Smart Ideas For Shipping Container Modifications
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