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Select rabbit food carefully to maximise its benefits

Rabbits are lovable pets, and like any other pets they need the rabbit food that provides the right kind of nutrition. There is a range of rabbit food like Timothy Hay available today but you must take an informed decision to decide on the best option for your pet.

Your rabbit’s dietary needs depend on many factors like its size and weight, age, the season, whether you keep it indoor and outdoor and how much exercise it gets. Also, the diet will be different for nursing or pregnant rabbits. Eating too much pellet or commercial food may not be advisable always as it may lead weight gain and imbalance in the type of food. For example, the rabbit should have a mix of hay, dry or mix food and also some amount of fresh green vegetables. However, you should start a diet only after consulting your vet to find out if it is appropriate for your pet.

The amount of each type of food should be carefully decided. The weight of a dwarf rabbit should not be more than 500g to 1kg. It should not be fed more than 25-40g of dried food. For a small rabbit it can go up to 70g, if it weighs 1-2kg. Pellets or nuggets are ready to use foods that offer maximum nutritional benefit to the rabbit. Hay or grass like Timothy Hay is dried out grass that ensures good health of the rabbits. It is low in calcium which is good for the rabbits. Alfalfa hay, on the other hand is rich in iron and other food supplements and is very good for growing rabbits. This may not be good for older rabbits as it is too rich for them. Your vet will be the right person to advise you the right mix of both for your rabbit.

You also get rabbit muesli, which is a dried rabbit food. It is a treat to a rabbit, but should not be given on a regular basis. There are many brands of foods and treats are available including some complete foods that have all that a rabbit needs for its daily nutrition. There are garden-inspired foods that include different types of hays in fresh aroma. Herbal ingredients like rosemary and thyme encourage the rabbit to chew it. Right amount of fibre is present in the form of whole yellow pea and it also provides the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some foods include tomato that is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids. These foods include non-GMO formula and are nutritionally balanced and complete. The texture of the food is also ideal for the rabbit’s natural instinct to gnaw.

You should buy food or hay for your rabbit only after consulting your vet. If it has any existing medical condition then you should only buy foods that are suggested by the doctor. While buying the food online, go through its list of content and its use and dosage carefully. You can always ask the store staff in case you need any clarifications or additional information.

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News Release: Select rabbit food carefully to maximise its benefits
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