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Scale up your business by leveraging your Business Connections !

“You need to communicate to your prospects that I understand the problem you are facing, I have a solution for it and I have provided that solution to another company who is of your size, in your geography, in your domain and uses similar technology. I understand you and have solved the problem in a similar ecosystem. You NOW have built the trust and confidence with your prospect by leveraging the Business Connection.”
BizKonnect helps global companies to increase B2B sales globally. Our more successful customers are the ones who have clarity in terms of who their prospects are, have some customer base, the management has good network and they want to scale up their sales leveraging the corporate ecosystem.Bizkonnect works in Actionable Sales Intelligence space. It provides intelligence to sales and marketing people like the List of companies using specific technologies and also assists in personalized campaigns . BizKonnect can be your data partner for cleaning up existing CRM data.
As an entrepreneur, when you start your business,you rely on your people network to get the initial business. Your network is typically the companies where you worked earlier or even your ex-customers who know you well. These initial references revolve around the CEO and other senior founders. After you serve your initial customers, you get some references from these customers. These customer references are a great validation of your satisfactory services to them. All these references take you to a certain level of growth. Then as part of any business cycle, you lose some customers and gain some and soon start feeling stagnation. Your year after year growth is flat or negative. You realize the need to do something different than just relying on your network and inbounds. You realize that there is no choice but to go to unknown prospects in your defined market and pitch your solution. You need to be seen by the potential buyers and they need to feel like buying your solution. You need to come out of your comfort zone of immediate network. How do you do that? How do you get in front of your prospects you don’t have any reference?
You make sure you have enough web presence, you invest in the SEO so that the prospects see you and you are in front of them when they are searching for similar solutions. You participate in the relevant events, you call your prospects, email them and reach them out on social me ...

News Release: Scale up your business by leveraging your Business Connections !
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