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Save Value Mart, Dropshipping Wholesaler Goes For Economy Pricing

Save Value Mart, Dropshipping Wholesaler Goes For Economy Pricing


SELANGOR, May 28, 2013: Save Value Mart, a recognized dropshipping wholesaler and supplier in Malaysia decides for economy pricing strategy in a bid to shine in the competitive industry, outshining other dropshipping wholesalers.

The board of directors has made the move of giving their goods at relatively low fees following a meticulous research and analysis on the local online dropship market that was performed by the business. After considering the 4P in marketing – price, promotion, product, and place - they are of the stated that price is a factor to be emphasised on to gain competitive rewards and to succeed in the business.

Incorporating the policy of “Small profits but quick turnover”, Save Value Mart is assured to control the industry in no time and become the preferred choice among Malaysian when it comes to wholesale dropshipping in Malaysia.

With a solid aim to be the industry leader, Save Value Mart offers economical membership fees in attracting online entrepreneurs with shoestring budget. The pocket friendly rate targets to motivate more sellers in starting up online businesses.

The operation of Save Mart Value works in such a way that online sellers approach the company with purchase orders from their respective customers, before Save Value Mart takes the responsibility to dropship the products purchased to the sellers’ customers. Such approach to dropshipping is beneficial to sellers as the cost of inventory is exempted. Since it is the duty of Save Value Mart to dropship, online sellers can also save themselves from the hassles of packaging and handling the delivery of items.

With an office nestled in Selangor, Malaysia, the wholesale dropshiping services provider is equipped with a robust inventory where things are usually restocked in its efforts to supply top quality service that is second to none.

In terms of products, Save Mart Value features a variety of items covering home furniture, personal care products, kitchenware, car accessories, fitness products, and many more types. Save Mart Value holds a strong belief that only by giving abundant choices, the company is able to grow its network and cater to more customers with diversified nature of business.

Save Value Mart is a famous dropshipping wholesaler and dropshipping supplier in Malaysia. It offers a wide choice of products at reasonable prices. Famously acknowledged for the exceptional work efficiency and reliable customer service, Save Value Mart is specialized in serving online sellers, helping them to have the ordered products delivered to the hands of buyers in the quickest period of time possible and subsequently creating high customer satisfaction level.
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Save Value Mart is offering its products at cheap rates as its marketing strategy to gain the interest of online sellers and to surpass its competitors. With a desire to lead the market, Save Value Mart is implementing the “Small profits but quick turnover” policy in the operation of its business. Low membership fee is also imposed to its agents to keep in line with its aim of moving along the economy pricing strat ...

News Release: Save Value Mart, Dropshipping Wholesaler Goes For Economy Pricing
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