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Sai Furniture Rolls Out New Sofa Designs in the New Year

Delhi-based furniture store launches a new line of high-end sofas for homes at flat prices.

Delhi, India, 18th January, 2018

When thinking of apartment therapy or a little TLC for home, people resort to replacing their older furniture or bringing in new ones. That’s the thing to do, because nothing spruces up an interior better than a new piece of furniture. A nifty coffee table or a new stately looking dining table can turn around the décor of a room for good, better than a fresh coat of paint or even an expensive art work. Sai Furniture, one of Delhi’s most favorite furniture stores takes advantage of the festive mood of the New Year to introduce a new line of Designer Sofa Set.

With the aim to connect more residents in the city, the company has made its resolution this year to expand its inventory, and this time, the focus will be solely on variety. Insofar, Sai Furniture is known for its ornate and modern sofa sets. People love them for two reasons- one they make perfect additions to living spaces, second they look expensive but are not quite in price. The modern designer sofas are newer than the curved sofas which catapulted Sai Furniture to the limelight. However, this time, the designers are aiming to bring in units that strike a subtle balance between ornate and minimal models.

The new sofas that appear on its catalogue currently however do not miss the mark of aristocracy that brands all furniture at Sai Furniture. However, these new ones are more poised between modular and designer, in that they have curved arms and backs and dimpled cushions, but the models are more in agreement with normal home decors that are neither too sterile, nor too ornate. While the curved sofa set are exclusively meant for rich and elite decors, the British sofas and those from the Alpine range are mellowed in grandeur.

These sofa sets are meant to go with both minimal and moderate decors where anything too grand will look out of place, or too simple would look too demure in taste. For some years now, it has been a staple enquiry among buyers when they will get to see more sofa sets in their inventory that lie in between the two existing kinds. The New Year is a good time for Furniture Manufacturers in Delhi to refresh their catalogues and introduce new models.

Aside from the aforementioned models, Sai Furniture also introduced an array of new dining sets and closets to its existing collection in 2019. As for their prices, the company has continued to be humble in its pricing in 2019. None of the new pieces added to the catalogue are ridiculously or even unreasonably priced. All the new pieces are priced at par with the older ones. The company is open to taking more custom orders this year.

To check out its catalogue or make enquiries about furniture customization, visit Sai Furniture at: http://www.saifurnitureart. ...

News Release: Sai Furniture Rolls Out New Sofa Designs in the New Year
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