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Rely Upon Treadwell Group’s ArchitEX™ for FRP Structural Profiles

The invention of fibreglass plastic or FRP is a revolutionary event for the constructional sector. FRP is the latest composite material that has brought a 360-degree change in the constructional arena. Presently, more and more contractors and architects are prone to use FRP made constructional structures, instead of the traditional materials. When it comes to FRP structural profiles for construction, Treadwell Group’s ArchitEX™ is what that everyone counts on first.

-A Brief Note on Treadwell Group:

Treadwell Group is an internationally recognized company that works with the latest composite technology, especially in structural profiles and anti-slip materials. Since 1994, the company has been applying the best engineering strategies as well as design tactics to provide the clients with cost-effective solutions. They boast of having an amazing team of highly professional engineers and staffs who can offer customized FRP solutions.

Treadwell Group offers a wide range of FRP products, including, structural profiles, grating, handrail, anti-slip solutions, water and waste water treatment, cable and instrumentation management. Treadwell Group’s ArchitEX™ deals with the best structural profiles, made of fibreglass. For a strong constructional framework, rely upon ArchitEX™.

-Pultrusion and Constructional FRP Structures:

All the constructional FRP structures are made through the pultrusion, a cross-sectional process. This is a highly effective process that ensures the fact that all the products are blessed with the robust feature. The FRP beam, columns and other structures are produced from standard quality fibreglass material for the best constructional framework.

-Various FRP Profiles ArchitEX™ Offers:

The ArchitEX™ of Treadwell Group offers a wide range of FRP structural profilers for construction. Some of them are given below.

• C Sections
C sections, offered by the said company are quite useful for building construction. They are available in different sizes. The architects may choose as per their requirements.

• I Beams
I beams are also available in different sizes. To know everything about the size and designs of the beams, the customers can visit the official website of the mentioned company.

• WF Beams
All the structural profiles offered by ArchitEX™ help to make the building construction stronger and safer. Like the other structural profilers, WF beams come in various sizes.

• Embedment Angle
The embedment angle is a highly demandable structure. The customers can get them at affordable rates.

• Solid Bar
When it comes to FRP constructional structures, bars are what that everyone counts on first. Like all the FRP goods, they have some great features, like, non-corrosive, resistant to electric and heat, robust, customizable and more.
Apart from the mentioned, there are several other structural profiles, the said company offers, and they are, hollow sections, flat sheets, interlocking desk boards and more.

-Reasons to Choose Treadwell Group:

Some of the reasons include,

1. Offer high-quality FRP structural profiles
2. Years of experience
3. Customized FRP solutions
4. Affordable rate
5. An excellent team of professional designers and engineers

To know more about the company, feel free to contact them now.

-Contact Details:
Adelaide (HEAD OFFICE), 58 Deeds Road, North Plympton, SA 5037
Phone: 1800 246 800
Fax: 1300 763 521
Website: ...

News Release: Rely Upon Treadwell Group’s ArchitEX™ for FRP Structural Profiles
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