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Rehab on Wheels –We Providethe Best Care to Our Patients

The following press release is written to provide information about the Rehab on Wheels medical center.You may contact them for getting the treatment of acute or prolonged pain in your body parts due to any reason.

Have you got tired of getting useless treatment of pain in any of your body parts? Don’t worry, the Rehab on Wheels clinic has come up in your service. We have the team of best physiotherapists who diagnose the case and cause of pain first, and then decide the best treatment therapy that is suitable in the particular case.We have different methods of treatment to be given to the patients of various age groups.

We have identified over the experience and time that the most prominent reasons of pain are stress at work and home, body conditions, nutrition, genetic structure, postural habits, condition of muscles, and lifestyle. Our principle lies in correcting the root cause first, and then treating the symptoms. We do not prescribe the harmful painkillers to our patients. On the other hand, we suggest them to slightly change their diet so that they may be relieved natur ally with the physiotherapy sessionsincluded in our Recovery Physical Therapy in NY.

Our Healthcare Professionals Treatment are well-trained and experienced to ensure that our patients are given all the required care.We use the latest healing technologies to assure you the pain-free condition and quick recovery of your health without any side effect.

We provide ample time to each patient and never think about treating the patients in haste. Our normal physical sessions are of one-hour duration. We also offer physical therapy treatments at home for the patients who find it difficult to commute to our clinic. We open seven days a week, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We are empaneled with most of the insurance companies providing the cashless treatment services. We also offer speech therapy services to the individuals who face difficulty in speaking. You may call us and seek appointment or discuss your problem.Our experts will surely help you by resolving your queries. We never consider our work as a business.

Rather, we believe in dedicated human service and hard work.With the overwhelming response of our patients, we keep on expanding our services in a larger domain. Almost all our patients have started visiting us with difficulties, and we feel very proud to improve their condition through our therapies.

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Company Name: Rehab on Wheels
Full Address: 3099 Emmons Avenue Suite#1 Brooklyn, NY 11235
Postal Code: 11235
P: (347) 766 - 9077
F: (800) 969 - 0292
Email id:
Website: www.rehabonwheels ...

News Release: Rehab on Wheels –We Providethe Best Care to Our Patients
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