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Reasons Why Uber is a Better Choice than Taxis

By merely comparing the transport structure introduced by Uber with the prevailing taxi system structure, it is easy to decide which service to patronize. I have gone ahead to pinpoint reasons why Uber is in a clear lead. Focusing on just 7 reasons, i will explain why everyone should use Uber over Taxis.

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Uber is Cheap

The Uber black car (can you imagine?) is usually cheaper than the regular Taxis. When you stop a regular cabbie (in some countries – especially 3rd world countries), they could decide to charge you based on their mood – basically they can do as they deem fit. Sometimes, time is spent trying to beat down the ridiculous prices they charge. Uber’s pricing is one of the reasons why taxi drivers are against its operation in almost all cities. It is amazing how Uber is able to keep fares regulated, and after removing their cut, drivers are left with a considerably sufficient amount.

Uber is Reliable

You only have an objection to this if you have never had to stand outside on a sunny or rainy day, waiting for a regular cab to pick you up. There is no form of guarantee at all revolving around the operation of taxis – you just wait and pray that they come around. On the other hand, using an Uber is a reliable way to commute. When you send in a ride request using the Uber app, you can be sure that Uber will get you a driver who will be on their way that very instant. You could even schedule uber rides using the alternative app kommen and be rest assured that a driver will be there at the scheduled time.

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Uber is Convenient

If you have ever ridden in an Uber car, i guess you can confirm this fact. I happen to have lived the taxi hailing life for a while and I know what it takes to get a cab, and most importantly to get a taxi driver who will reach a reasonable agreement with you. Usually, you spend half of your appointment time trying to get a cab. Uber makes life easy by linking riders with drivers just after a few taps on their smartphone.

Uber Lets You Ride Classy

Even the cheapest Uber car, which is most likely the UberX car is better than many regular taxis. Uber ensures that the cars do not have any cosmetic damage, they also make sure that the model isn’t too old. The oldest Uber car is not more than 10years old. When you request a ride, you can confidently expect a clean car with a leather interior car.


Uber has a wide range of services designed to suit different needs and lifestyles unlike Taxis that offer generic services. Uber has regular and luxury services and has even structured some extra services in certain cities to suit the requirements of such markets.

There’s Proper Supervision

Uber does not have employed drivers, yet they make sure that all drivers and even riders are at their best behaviour. They do this with the use of the rating system. This feature allows rider and drivers to rate one another according to the trip experience. Uber takes this very seriously, as they believe that drivers or riders who get low ratings might be a stumbling block to the seamless transportation system which they aim at creating. Riders and drivers who are found guilty of violating Uber rules can have their Uber accounts either temporarily or permanently deactivated.

Uber is The Easy Life

The rideshare innovation has brought convenience to riders and drivers across the globe. Why wave your hands for hours when you can simply do a few ‘taps’ on your cell phone? Say bye to the archaic ride hailing system and come be a part of the easy world of Uber

To become an Uber driver go to the link provided. Also, to get all the information you need for your Uber business plan, go to the link provided.

-by Ola John and edited by NkiruEnemch ...

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