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Rap Star Wala Why Presents New Age Music with Rise of Ra-EP on iTunes

Emerging hip hop rap star, Wala Why, has come up with the latest music EP Rise of Ra on iTunes. The rap star has already made great waves in the party circuit.

21 August 2017: Music has always been a voice of the masses, of the people who feel it has the power to touch the heart. There have evolved many genres, which have got a great fan following around the world for its ability to evoke in everyone a sense of belongingness or well-being. Music genres of hip-hop or rap have long been associated with being the voice of angst of the African-American communities or of those who have suffered marginalization of any kind. Understanding this, Wala Why of Ghana, Africa, now based in Nevada, has come up with the Rise of Ra-EP. His EP has songs, in the hip hop and rap genre that are sure to tug at the heart strings of the millions.

Wala Why has just released his EP on iTunes. So, listeners from around the world can now download from iTunes the melodious and meaningful songs by Wala Why.

The Power of Sun Music in Revving up the World: From time to time, lyricists or song writers and vocalists like Eminem, 50 Cent, Scarface, Jay Z, have been able to do that just the way it is. Hence, today, their names are quite popular and inspired millions.

Musicians like Wala Why are also ready to bring magic to the world with their music, and today he has started Sun Music, which is beyond just being a music album or a song.

The rise of Wala Why and Sun Music: Today, Wala Why is ready with his EP, Rise of Ra, and it is an offshoot of his branch of music too. With the launch of his two singles, “It’s a Contract” and “Can’t Sleep (Remy Martin & Temptations)” from his debut album Aten Vi³/ Vi³ (2016) which came out in English language and in Twi, Wala Why has made his mark in the music industry. One of his most recent albums was the Birth of a Sun (2017) which also gained a lot of fame and made headway in the music community.

About Wala Why: Wala Why has become an inspirational name in the music industry already with his brand of music under the hip hop and Afrobeat and rap genres. His upcoming album, Rise of Ra-EP is ready for a big launch on iTunes


News Release: Rap Star Wala Why Presents New Age Music with Rise of Ra-EP on iTunes
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