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Putin's City Supporters Club Established in the City of London

London, England, UK., March 08, 2018 -- Russian economy is beginning to suffer and even slowing down as a result of various financial sanctions imposed by the US and EU.

This is giving the rise to a whole new range of banking structures/tools/methods that are aiming to provide Russian industry with necessary funding, while complying with increasingly restrictive sanctions regime.

Putin's City Supporters Club will provide the necessary intellectual platform where all those methods and instruments could be systemised together into some sort of new banking aria of "Putin's Finance" as it informally known already.

According to Andrew Calt,'s PR and BD Manager, "Everything new is actually well-forgotten old. I remember well how in 1990s, at the very start of Russian Privatisation and Perestroika, when no Western bank had any appetite for any Russian Risk, many different financial methods and structures had been developed by the City of London in order to finance Russian fledging companies and banks (e.g. Super-Extended Trade Finance, Tolling Cyclical Finance, Reversing Project Finance, Confirmed LC Synthetic Trades and other various forfeiting structures). Putin City Club's aim is to systemise and group those old methods so they could be expanded and adopted for this new situation".

Calt further stated, "In the past, traditional British financial institutions were not very successful in breaking into Islamic Finance. Let us hope that they would not miss the boat in Putin's Finance this time around."



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Fedorovsky PR Guru
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News Release: Putin's City Supporters Club Established in the City of London
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