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Professional treatment for heel pain by M-medusa

There are many causes of heel pain, some of which improve with a home care treatment plan and others require professional remedy by a foot and ankle expert, a chiropodist. Once sits firmly, most causes benefit from a preventive treatment plan.

* Plantar Fasciitis (the most common cause)
* Plantar Fascial rupture
* Heel spurs
* Achilles tendonitis
* Calcaneal anxiety fracture
* Sensors entrapment (inside or outside of the heel)
* Radiating pain from sciatica / low back * Heel Neuritis
* Tarsal tunnel syndrome
* Sever's Disease * Bone tumour (rarely a cause for high heel pain)
* Arthritis
* Haglund's Deformity (or "pump bump")
* Cyst
* Fat protect atrophy
* Gout
* Lupus
* Intraosseus calcaneal oedema
* Fibromyalgia
* Bursitis
* Tenosynovitis

Other possible contributing factors:
* Unsupportive sneakers * Improper exercise * Insufficient or poor stretching approach * Sudden weight gain * Occupational factors like heavy lifting.

Heel pain is frequently caused by the inflammation of the Plantar Fascia (also called Plantar Fasciitis). However, since there are so many other possible causes, it is critical that the way to obtain your heel pain be accurately diagnosed before you begin remedy.

A Chiropodist would need to take some or all of following diagnostic tests to evaluate the source of your heel pain and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan:

* Background of symptoms
* Physical exam
* X-ray
* Ultrasound
* Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]

In many instances, home care will result in temporary relief. Your current Chiropodist will advise you as to when you should anticipate seeing improvement. Heel pain often takes months to decrease. Home care treatment contains:

* Relaxation
* Ice
* Non-prescription, anti-inflammatory medications (e. g. Advil or perhaps aspirin)
* Shoes with appropriate arch support
* Well-cushioned sneakers if you have high-arched foot
* Shoe inserts
* Heel cups
* Stretching
* Weight loss
* Avoiding walking barefoot


Professional treatment for heel pain may include:
* Orthopaedic strapping * Night splint
* Total contact casting* Custom-made orthotics (highly effective)
* Custom-made or perhaps custom-fitted orthopaedic shoes * Anti-inflammatory medications * Physical therapy * Phototherapy
* Corticosteroid injections * Extracorporeal jolt wave therapy * Surgical procedure
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