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Primo Survey offers professional featured free Online Survey Software

Primo Survey Software brings in tremendous set of free survey tools, questionnaire and templates for people and organizations who wish to conduct their research and aim to achieve faster & better results in short span of time.

Primo Survey Software is among the prominent provider of free online survey software and polls. They offer cost-effective and user-friendly online survey software tool for both simple and complex (LSMS style) data collection. Research has found that participants overwhelmingly prefer to complete online surveys rather than take part in written questionnaires or telephone interviews. By providing relevant and targeted surveys online, people are more likely to respond with honest answers. Hence, Primo Survey allows you to get real-time instant survey results, conduct sophisticated data collection, and analyze detailed analytics so as to eliminate the possibility of any human errors that can happen during manual transcription. Also, you can save money needed for printing of the questionnaire and complicated telephonic procedures. Primo Survey Software proffer users with full featured free survey and poll software available with unlimited number of questions, templates, responses collection along with many reporting features.

Primo Survey Software helps you to simply create smart and professional web-based survey, polls and questionnaires that can be shared and embedded through all mediums such as email, social media etc. Primo Survey allows users to design, create complex online surveys from scratch and customize survey interface for any type of survey generation. Primo Survey’s questionnaire and templates include both quantitative and qualitative types of questions, branches, skip logic, and attractive layouts. All the surveys can be performed easily without the use of plug-ins and eventually helps you in saving ample amount of time. The software addresses to companies, academic institutions, and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Some of the Key Features of Primo Survey Software Includes:

• Create unlimited surveys for Free
• View Responses in Real time
• Export your survey in various format
• Share surveys on Social Media
• Email campaigns
• Customize themes and template
• Data Security and integrity
• Customize survey with your own logo

Primo Survey allows you to create free survey and poll with unlimited questions and responses So, Request a demo or sign up for a free to get started with your online survey today. For any queries email at or feel free to call at +40-373-784100

About the Company:

PRIMOSURVEY.COM is among the leading provider of featured Free Survey and Poll Software. We provide best of the class online software tool that helps you to instantly create professional, real-time online surveys with an easy to use powerful survey editor. We offer free survey for businesses, academic institutions, and organizations to all shapes and sizes. Primo Survey strive to provide easy-to-use online, powerful enough tool for professional researchers. Primo Survey software is hosted in a secure location and our software infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security patches and permanently tested.

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Contact Number: +40 373 78 41 00
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Website: www.primosurvey ...

News Release: Primo Survey offers professional featured free Online Survey Software
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