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Pool Certify Inspects Pools for Safety and Compliance Certificate in Sydney

Pool Certify, a company passionately protecting everyone including young children, visitors and friends in and around swimming pools and spas with responsible and qualified certifiers, offers timely inspection of pools for safety and compliance certificate in Sydney. Qualified Certifiers carefully inspect pool gates, barriers & pool area for compliance with current safety standards while recognizing all safety concerns and advising in detail how to handle them quickly for approval. Pool Certify has dedicated certifiers who are keen to spread awareness of pool safety matters, and once defects are identified, to recommend easy and cost-effective fixes to rectify an insecure pool enclosure. With the issuance of pool safety and compliance certificate in Sydney, it wants to bring an end to preventable injuries, accidents and drowning.

Though installing or buying a pool/spa has become a common practice for fun and enjoyment, many pool owners do not carry out regular checks of their pool barriers to confirm them to be safe and compliant, and many pool owners are surprised to find their pool enclosures are in fact non compliant. Many are unable to identify issues that are clearly evident to the professional certifier. Pool Certify promptly inspects pool enclosures before issuing a certificate citing whether the barrier is compliant or non-compliant. Real Estate Agents and home owners alike can count on prompt issuance of pool certificates for successful completion of a sale or lease. "Don't give your prospective purchaser the chance to back out of the sale by not having a Certificate included in your Sales Contract." says lead Certifier at Pool Certify.

The newly amended NSW Swimming Pools Act is intended to work towards a consistent approach in making your pool fence and barrier safe and allows Certifier to apply the appropriate Standard dependent upon the age of the pool and whether the pool owner has maintained it in a compliant condition. The benefits of compliance are three-fold. Whether you are a realtor, landlord, strata manager, homeowner or accommodation operator, inspecting for pool safety and gaining a compliance certificate in Sydney will not only allow you to sell or lease the property but will also provide security and protect you as the pool owner in case of the worst. Landlords must be particularly vigilant in securing compliance so as to protect themselves and help bring an end to preventable accidents around the pool for which they could be held liable. Thirdly, compliance is required under NSW newly amended laws.

For protection of small kids and guests in the home, a compliant pool barrier offers an added layer of protection in addition to active adult supervision. Pool Certify has professional certifiers to inspect a pool for safety and compliance certificate in Sydney without any further delay. The inspection is available for all kinds of spas and pools ranging from in-ground and above-ground to indoor and portable ones installed on any Sydney property - residential, small, rural, waterfront or multi unit accommodation.

"It will help pool owners understand things that are crucial to safety in their pools when getting ready for the pool compliance certificate inspection. Take control and book an inspection for your pool or spa. Tenants in particular may never have owned a pool so they should also be educated so they recognise pool safety issues and report them to their Landlord promptly. Maintenance issues such as the failure of the pool gate to self-close and self-latch, a missing or illegible CPR sign, or broken components of the pool barrier should be attended to promptly. A regular maintenance program is vital for all Property Managers and Landlords to instigate in order to protect themselves against accidents and incidents in their pool", says a spokesperson of Pool Certify.

“We offer timely inspections for pool safety and certificate of Sydney for residential and strata managed pools as well as spas in the Greater Sydney area. If you are selling or leasing a property installed with a spa or pool, we have professional certifiers to help you receive a pool safety and compliance certificate to include in the contract for sale or lease. Book a thorough pool barrier inspection with us and if defects are identified, you will receive a detailed report with images and graphics to explain exactly how to make your pool/spa lawfully compliant with amended NSW Acts, regulations and Sydney safety standards,” said a spokesperson of Pool Certify. "We offer a Premium Service to home owners who would prefer a walk-through with our Certifier prior to the formal inspection. This one-on-one time is vital if you have no separation of the Residence from the swimming pool, so that you know exactly how to avoid common mistakes and get it right first time. Small back-yards are particularly tricky however our Certifier can identify a compliant location for your barriers".

If you want to know whether your pool or spa is compliant with the new laws, book a professional inspection from Pool Certify. Their Certifiers will also advise how quickly you can handle any non-compliance issues to get faster approval. To make your pool barrier and surrounds safe, secure as well as legally compliant in Sydney, connect to professional pool certifiers on

About the Company:-
Pool Certify is a Sydney based company comprising of professionally qualified and passionate certifiers who can promptly inspect your pool enclosure for pool safety and help you work through compliance issues and resolve them. Landlords in particular must ensure their tenanted property with a spas or pool is issued with pool compliance in Sydney in a timely manner and when there are non compliances, landlords require a tailored action plan to get their property compliant and then tenanted quickly. Pool Certify advises to contact them before entering into a lease agreement for a new tenant. Whether you are getting ready to sell or lease your property with pool, you can rely on its advice and then include its compliance or non-compliance certificate in the sales or lease contract. To schedule your pool safety inspection in Sydney, contact its professionals at ...

News Release: Pool Certify Inspects Pools for Safety and Compliance Certificate in Sydney
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