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Platinum Tax Defenders: 7 Tips On How To Resolve Your IRS Tax Debt

Simi Valley, Los Angeles, CA - Tax season is a stressful time for individuals and businesses. When the preparations are not done early there is a very good chance that the deadline for tax filing is missed. This can lead to a lot of potential problems with IRS, which leads to added stress and worry.

For people who want to avoid IRS tax debt or who are already in debt, but want to efficiently work on resolving their problem, the expert tax attorney Los Angeles firm Platinum Tax Defenders is here to help. Follow along to learn more about resolving and avoiding future IRS tax debt.

" First and foremost, never ignore your taxes," is the first tip from the expert tax attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders. "Ignoring the taxes can lead to a criminal offense so there is no excuse to skip your yearly tax payments," they add as a warning.

" Secondly, missing the deadline means added fines," the attorneys say. "There is a monthly penalty of 5% of the balance and the maximum can reach an alarming 25%. Not paying and filing your taxes on time only leads to more debt." The harsh facts of missed deadlines are being laid out by the experts.

" Respond to the IRS notices." The experts offer potential clients another useful tip. "Some notices are sent electronically while others are sent via certified mail. Do not think that just because you do not respond to these notices that the taxman would not come knocking." They offer another warning.

" Working with an expert tax attorney Los Angeles is worth it!" Agrees many individuals struggling with their back taxes and the trained experts alike. Even an hour with an attorney who specializes in tax resolution services can help you save money and avoid getting charged with a criminal offense.

When the time comes where you are asked by the IRS to come in for an interview, do not panic, but also do not go alone. The best way to resolve issues without adding more stress to your situation is to bring legal representation to the meeting. Dealing with legal terms and facing a possible criminal charge is best handled by a tax attorney and not someone without any experience.

" Check out the IRS payment plans," an advice offered by the people at Platinum Tax Defenders. People who are unable to pay their taxes in full within are given three options: long-term payment plan, delayed payments or settling less than what you owe. These options are best explored after consulting with a tax expert.

"Lastly, do not wait until it is too late." The experts conclude. Many individuals and businesses tend to wait until the very last minute before consulting with tax resolution experts. Do not make this mistake as the delay will cost you more.

Do not miss this chance and wind up adding to your current debt. Work with the tax attorneys of Platinum Tax Defenders and start resolving your tax problems today. The sooner you consult with experts, the less you will have to deal with the IRS.

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