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Perceived Credibility of News Channels

Chrome Data Analytics and Media, India’s largest Primary Research and Data Analytics Company operating into distribution monitoring, analytics, and strategy conducted an extensive research on the credibility of the news channels. Of late, news broadcasters have faced flak for their coverage which is often dubbed as misleading, hyped-up and downright insensitive. News channels are facing the issue of criticism of the quality of news coverage and the credibility. The report by Chrome Data Analytics and Media on the news channel credibility analyses the people perception and views about the content and the integrity of the news channels. The survey was conducted in Hindi speaking regions of urban areas among a sample size of 1254 between an age group of 15-50+ years. The sample size consisted of 32% females and 68% males.

· 52% of the respondents watched news

· 38% believe the news channels aren’t credible

· In terms of expectations from news channels 57% say that they want complete information about the topic, 42% say that they require supporting facts & proofs, 39% say that they want instant updates

· 57% of the respondents say that channels are not delivering news as per their expectations due to political influence and TRPs

· 71% of the respondents feel the basis for selecting stories for a News Channel is to increase TRPs

· 57% of the news channels biased while telecasting news?

· In response to the questions if news channels were biased while telecasting news, 57% feel news channels are biased

· 85% feel that anchors drive the show as per their opi ...

News Release: Perceived Credibility of News Channels
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