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Patricia Komar Releases New Fantasy Book For Young Readers

Port Moody, British Columbia - Author Patricia Komar is best known for her fantasy mystery "Hollow Hills" book series intended for middle-grade readers, and now Komar has released a new fantasy book aimed at young readers: Kellie and the Dancing Garden.
Kellie and the Dancing Garden, which is aimed at readers 4 to 7 though it can be enjoyed by all ages, is an adventure fantasy book that tells the story of an curious-minded young girl named Kellie. Kellie visits her beloved grandmother's home and it is there that she learns the story of a unique dancing garden, where everything floral and green dances as if they were at a grand ball. Kellie decides to find the mysterious dancing garden for herself, and uses her special bag of customs, her great detective skills, and even her new friendship with a puppy and cat to solve the mystery of the dancing garden. The book is ideal for young readers who enjoy fantasy, magic and mystery; it is also the perfect choice for parents or grandparents looking for a new book to read their children before bedtime.

The book is currently available through Kindle. It features colorful illustrations by Fabiana Farcas.

About Patricia Komar

Patricia Komar is an experienced writer who specializes in the creative and expressive arts; she holds several degrees from universities in New York, British Columbia, and Switzerland and has studied numerous subjects including writing, the arts, as well as psychology. In addition to being the author of several books, Komar is a featured writer for various online publications, including Modern Dog Magazine, where she has published numerous articles on competitive dog sports and working dogs.

Patricia Komar can be reached through her online website,, which provides several types of contact information including email, an address, and a contact phone num ...

News Release: Patricia Komar Releases New Fantasy Book For Young Readers
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