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January 4, 2017, The start of 2017 means the setting of new goals for everyone around the globe, and studies claim that a majority of people fail to reach their goals due to unfortunate events in life. While reaching yearly goals is a possible feat, several people are struck with adverse events that are hard to deal with. From casualties in the family to financial losses at work, setbacks can make even the strongest stray away from their goals. However, since accidents are impossible to predict, Paäge et Cie discloses the best ways to be prepared for life’s unexpected. In an effort to facilitate people reaching their goals in 2017, Paäge et Cie offers personal management tools that help organize all personal and professional documents in one place. The tools not only help individuals keep banking and medical information at a single location, but also support going paperless.

“No Time Like Now” – The One Stop Destination for All the Information

From estate planning and credit reports all the way to logins and passwords for loyalty programs, it is often difficult to find necessary information when it’s needed unexpectedly. An inability to stay organized and have quick access to important documents can make life harder than it needs to be. Therefore, keeping in mind the miseries of today’s generation, Paäge et Cie has crafted the perfect tool that can help keep all life’s important information on one platform. The vision behind the booklet is to allow people to have a single place where all their important documents can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed. Additionally, the personal management tools included allow people to prepare for events they least likely expect, in an effort to be safe, rather than sorry.

About Paäge et Cie

Founded in 1986, with decades of experience in the corporate world, the team at Paäge et Cie has created the perfect tools for people who wish to reach and exceed both their personal and professional goals. With their personal management tools and booklet, Paäge et Cie provides support to not only families but also people in the corporate world, entrepreneurs, or those with disabilities. More information about the tools offered by Paäge et Cie information about the company can be found The company’s renowned article “28 Life Hacks Every Freelancer Should Do Now”, in which it discloses how people should always be prepared, can be found on ...

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