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Ooty Cabs

Ooty is an amazing place to visit in your holidays or when you want to spend some peaceful time with family or friends. This is basically a hill station and those who love hill stations are going to have a lot of fun at Ooty for sure. You will be completely surrounded with greenery around you with so much to do and shop at Ooty. This is a place that you can visit round the year and hence you will find it busy at any time of the year. You will have to make sure that you are planning your trip well in advance you want to visit Ooty.
You will have to make all your bookings in advance like your flight ticket, your train tickets, hotel rooms for your stay in Ooty, your return tickets and all other things. Generally, people do these things when they plan a trip to any place. But there is something that you usually miss and that can disturb your entire trip, and that is your local transport facility. Yes, reaching there is important and it has to be planned in advance but how you are going to visit the place and go for sightseeing is also important and make sure you do not miss planning about ooty cabs.
How to find ooty taxi services?
When you are looking online for your flight tickets, train tickets and your hotel bookings, you will also have options to look for the ooty car rentals. Yes, usually, you will see many pop ups on your screen giving you a hit to book a cab for your Ooty trip. But, you usually ignore them and concentrate only on what you are booking.

Check out a few online options. You will be able to book a cab from the online websites itself.
You can check the flight and train tickets booking website where they also give you a combo offer or discounts when you are making a booking for both flight or train and taxi services.
You will also be able to find ooty travels on the hotel booking website as well.
When you are picking up the ooty travels packages, you will be able to find the packages including the taxi services and excluding the taxi services. So, here you can pick the package that is right for you.

Different kinds of taxi services are available…
When you are looking for an ooty call taxi, then there are so many options that you can choose from, do you know that? Yes, the options would depend upon your requirements.

If you are staying anywhere in South India and want to travel by road to Ooty, then you can book a cab service from your place to Ooty and back to your place like mettupalayam to ooty taxi and back to Mettupalayam.
Likewise, you will have cabs from the airport, railway station or bus station to pick you up and drop you at the hotel. You can use their services till the hotel only and then go for another cab to see the place. Or you can even continue in the same cab for sightseeing as well. It all depends on how you make your reservations.
You can book a cab just for sightseeing which are generally offered in packages. You will be given a list of places that you can see when you hire their services and there will be timings for pick up and drop and you will have to finish the trip in those timings only. You cannot stop at different places for a long time.
You can book ola cabs in ooty which will work according to your choice. That means, you are going to rent their services for hourly basis or kilometre basis. You will be given charges based on different parameters like no of hours, no of kilometres, certain duration and many others. So, you will be charged based on the package that you are picking up, but you will be able to enjoy the trip according to your choice.

Fare depends on type of vehicle as well…
When you are choosing a cab, you will have to choose it according to the number of people you are travelling. You cannot book an Indica when you are more than four members. Likewise, an Innova is going to be too expensive if you are just four to five members. It is not just waste of so much space in the vehicle, but also you will have to pay high when you are hiring a bigger cab. The Mysore to Ooty taxi fare for an Innova is going to be high compared to that of an Indica. So, make sure to plan it accordingly.
Airport, railway station or bus stand pick and drop…
If you are already having a package booked for your Ooty trip which includes your Hotel stay, your local sightseeing, and your food, then all you need to take care of is the taxi service from the bus stand or airport to the hotel and then dropping back to the station or airport. For this, you will have separate service providers. They do not charge based on hours or kilometres, they rather have a fixed rate from your hotel to the bus station, railway station or airport.
So, where you are want to travel from Coimbatore or Mysore, first check the Coimbatore to Ooty taxi fare offered. You will be able to place the trip accordingly. You can then decide where to hire the cab from and how to hire its services. You will also have the 24 hours customer service numbers where you can call and get all the information that you need. This way you will get more clear idea about what the package that is mentioned on the website covers. So, take advantage of all that is available online and get the right Taxi or cab service for your trip in O ...

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