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Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer
'LIVTLIFE' is a fusion of 'lift'(weights) and 'live'(life).
The purpose of LIVTLIFE is helping you to achieve your fitness goals without making mistakes with your training, diet and cardio.
It's all about enjoying your life while crushing your fitness/bodybuilding goals.
I want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes like i've made in the past, that costed me so much time that could be used to build muscle mass or lose body fat.
I will NEVER get that time back!
Everybody wants to build muscle fast and lose body fat the most optimal way. You'll probably not get to that level without experimenting enough.
Unless you have elite genetics or using enhancing substances, it's pretty normal you will fail many times with bulking for muscle or cutting body fat. That is the benefit of LIVTLIFE, YOU don't have to waste any time.
Experimenting usually costs more failing than succeeding, but don't worry, i've done it already for you.
We're all about building muscle, losing body fat, improving on cardio etc.. but our mentality outside the gym is as important just like the goals we have in the gym.
Fitness is not just about looking your best physically, also your state of mind has to envolve.

LIVTLIFE gives you the honest truth about weight training programs and macros coaching.
There is NO SECRET for sixpack abs or how to build muscle mass.
It's all hard work and dedication with the right information.
Do you want a custom training program and custom macros/meal plan?
I offer a online personal training service to help you change your life forever.
Online coaching for building muscle or losing body fat faster is a specialty of LIVTLIFE FITNESS.

My name is Di Rocco Mirko. How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Since a young age i always wanted to do something in my life.., but i didn't knew what for a very long time.
School had me not much to offer, so i searched for something else that i could do on my own as a entrepreneur.
Born and raised in Belgium with italian blood in my veins i pursue my dream to find the job of my life. In the meanwhile i worked in a restaurant and club at night. Not something i could do for my whole life..
But i gained much experience from those jobs and actually realised that i will not keep working under a boss forever. It was just not something for me! Not that i can't take orders from a boss, but just the thoughts that i'm working HARD to grow an other guy's business.
I wanted my OWN business and brand.
Finally after 6 years, i discovered my greatest passion, fitness.
Since then i invested all my energy into it. Learning and reading countless hours about training, diets and much more.
Now, i worked with 100+ clients all around the world.
I never was into fitness before the age of 21.
I was always working on my music and that was my primaire goal at that time.
That was "the goal" of my life. But that all changed ..
I actually started because of a movie trailer of the movie 'Twilight'. In one of the parts, the actor that plays the wereworlf gained over 20 pounds of muscle.
I saw the trailer and heard all the girls flip-out at the movies!
Since then, i took fitness more seriously to achieve a physique like him. I started for the wrong "negative reasons", but it led to something positive. I did it because i thought i had to look like him to be physically attractive.

Luckily, my mindset changed now!
The results i achieved in 3 months? CRAZY!
After those 3 months i was hooked on working out, healthy eating, the cardio and the powerful mindset you gain from living a very discipline fitness-lifestyle. I saw myself transforming so fast that i couldn't even believe it.
I was burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Which made me look 100% differently then before. My bodytransformation inspired many people to start their own fitness journey.
People in the gym, even friends, though i was on steroids!
They didn't understand i was eating healthy and training hard every training session.
After a few years of experimenting with different foods and training-styles, i found my way of doing things. It's a very different approach to training and dieting, but it worked for many clients so far. People locally started to hire me as their personal trainer and i'm happy to say i helped them achieve the body they always wanted.
It's a unbelievable feeling to see people transform their life.
Sometimes i forget why i started to do this, but this is the reason!
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I started LIVTLIFE to help others reach for their dreams in fitness.
Everybody wants a dream body, but not everybody can get it without help.
I want to share my information about training, diets and cardio so you can build muscle faster or get leaner quicker.
Passing my knowledge is my #1 goal.
Join LIVTLIFE here, for my Online Coaching.
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