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Oneplus 3 mobile receives the Latest Android Update

7th January 2017, India: The Android 7.0 Beta build for the OnePlus 3 has now been released with OxygenOS 4.0; bringing with it some of the OxygenOS 3.5 features from the OnePlus 3T, as detailed by Android Central. Moving forward, the idea is that both handsets will share the same Android and OxygenOS builds and features, so this is part of bringing them both into line with each other on the same software versions.

The Homescreen launcher has been given a significant overhaul, including the widget shelf, the notifications screen, and the way notifications themselves actually look and function. Significantly, notifications now have a much more complete inline reply functionality, allowing you to respond straight from the notifications screen itself.

Overall there's much more of what could be described as "Vanilla Android Sauce" for things like the notifications and quick settings menus; it'll be much more familiar to Nexus users, for example, and even Pixel adopters thanks to the new blue-tinted menu screens. There's a new navigation feature to allow you to switch between different parts of the Settings menu with a simple swipe, and you can also customise the status bar icons shown.

A new "simple" homescreen variant seems to take a leaf out of both the iPhone interface and Huawei EMUI by taking the app drawer away and offering a minimalist homescreen setup paired with a scrolling menu of apps accessible by a right swipe. The new build also adds DPI scaling, with five scaling levels allowing you to shrink or blow up the proportions of everything including icons, shortcuts, text, and menus.

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