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Objective Of Globalipay To Launch

GlobaliPay is a blockchain based global digital payment system that provides users with a secure and fast way of sending currency to anywhere in the world. The GlobaliPay platform will be launched along with a dedicated digital wallet and payment system and will provide access to a unique and one-of-its-kind cryptocurrency, called GIP Token.

The object of GlobaliPay launch

As of now, there are some online digital payment platforms for sending money from one place to another. However, most of the existing digital payment systems have one or all of the following issues:

- Limited by regions (not global)
- The high cost of transaction
- Not secure enough

As you may have experienced, most of the existing online payment systems are either not very secure or limited by regional boundaries or charge a very high cost per transaction. GlobaliPay, therefore, aims to become the first truly global internet payment system that is not limited by any regional boundary and can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world for performing low-cost financial transactions.


GlobaliPay system, as well as GIP token, have been designed to be truly global. That means, the platform can be accessed anywhere in the world, irrespective of the regulation issues, and can be used for sending money from one place to another. The transactions can be performed in GIP token, GIP cash and other supported currencies.


The main purpose behind the use of blockchain technology in the development of GlobaliPay was to ensure a highly secure mechanism for online transactions. As we all now, blockchain is the most secure mode of transaction, as of today.

It makes use of an unregulated ledger system where the transaction information is stored and verified by various nodes of a network. A particular transaction on the blockchain cannot be accessed without a valid decryption key. This ensures the security of transactions within the GlobaliPay network.

Low cost of transaction

Since blockchain is an unregulated and completely digital technology, there is no human intervention in the transactions performed on a blockchain. Transactions on the GlobaliPay ERC20 blockchain will be performed and managed by nodes, and therefore, the user doesn’t have to pay any fee to an intermediary or agent, however, there might be a minimal transaction cost, which is much lower than the transaction fee charged by existing money transfer services.

GlobaliPay is a one of its kind online payment platform that will completely revolutionize the way cash or currency is transferred from one place to another throughout the world. It will provide merchants, financial organizations and consumers with an affordable yet reliable method for transferring money and other digital assets.

GlobaliPay will also launch its own GIP token which could be used for transactions as well as for trading purpose on external crypto exchanges. GIP tokens can be purchased at discounted rates (along with bonus) during the ongoing pre-ICO (and upcoming ICO) sale of GlobaliPay. For more information about GlobaliPay project or to know the schedule of the ICO sale, visit the website globalipay ...

News Release: Objective Of Globalipay To Launch
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