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New Features Of Quickbooks Make It Easier For Businesses To Send Tax Forms

Mountain View, California, February 09, 2018 -- By 2020, it has been estimated that 43 percent of professional working in USA would comprise self-employed contractors. Eventually, as time passes by, entrepreneurs engaged in small scale businesses would have to switch to a new way of working. While the accounting software offers features to help business owners to manage finances in a better way, small businesses would need a way to manage the new style of workers. So, in order to help small businesses, two new features have been launched. This would reduce the problematic situation of preparing 1099s for independent contractors as well as small business owners. Moving ahead, QuickBooks users would be able to deliver tax documents to the contractors associated with QuickBooks and the Internal Revenue Service. He or she can seek assistance from the QuickBooks support team to know more about the features.
Most of the times, the entire process right from onboarding to sending tax information is extremely inefficient, confusing and time consuming. Moreover, small businesses forget to collect W-9 information from contractors and have to send messages through emails. While this step might sound appropriate at that point in time, the mode of communication is insecure and the individual would be putting the contractor’s information at risk. Additionally, the team has to waste time in printing and mailing the 1099s to the contractors. So, now the solution has been offered to problems faced by the self-employed and small businesses. Here are the features which enhance the functionality of QuickBooks.

Secure data entry – Now data errors and spending time to keep a track of contractor’s information would be substantially reduced. With the help of the bookkeeping software, a business owner can send an invite and the contractor can then feel comfortable to share relevant information. Soon after the information is received, it is added to the QuickBooks account. In case there’s a change in the address or any other details, the contractors can update the data accordingly and the changes would soon be updated in the QuickBooks account. In addition, there won’t be a need to re-enter data because the contractor can share information once he has been hired by the organization.


Deliver tax forms via. the electronic mode – With the new features, time would never have to be spent in printing a set of forms and stuffing them into envelopes one after the other. Instead, time and money would be saved once the tax forms are sent through the accounting tool. While the feature would serve to be the most secure way to deliver forms, business owners can focus better on achieving goals set for the future.

Since the release of these features, CEOs of companies have been excited to use QuickBooks. As they deal with contractors almost every day, they don’t have to worry about incorrect tax and payment details. In fact, it can be perceived as a win-win situation for both, the company and the contractor when everything is managed efficiently. As months roll by, future enhancements would be thought about based on the feedback of users. The development team is sure to streamline the processes and automate tasks wherever it’s necessary.
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News Release: New Features Of Quickbooks Make It Easier For Businesses To Send Tax Forms
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