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Mr. Cook urges customers to buy 3 litre induction cooker online

2016 marks the birth year of Mr. Cook cooker and cookware manufacturing subsidy of United Cookers. Since its birth, Mr. Cook is leading within Indian frontiers with their quality assured and subsidized cookware products. With the rise of a digital trend in India, Mr. Cook now introduces its 3 litre pressure cooker online.

The evolution of pressure itself signifies a revolution in the domains of cooking. For past two years, Mr. Cook is pioneering the pressure manufacturing and distribution process. Pressure cookers from Mr. Cook are explicitly designed to eliminate the excessive consumption of cooking time. It subsequently saves on your energy as well as money.

Besides, hygiene was a critical factor considered by Mr. Cook team while designing the cooker manufacturing blueprint. The team thoroughly researched and analyzed the cooker manufacturing process. Today, they have succeeded in crafting and rendering 3-liter pressure cookers which assures quality intact and even cooking of food.

Mr.Cook pressure cookers are accompanied with a safeguarded lid closure system. The presence of safety lid prevents the splashing of the internal boiling water. It also helps to evacuate the excessive pressure via the pressure nob affixed on the lid top. The safety lid locks prevent the onset of any potential disasters while cooking. These safety lid locks protect your pressure cooker from direct opening.

While designing the 3-liter pressure cooker, the Mr. Cook team was concerned regarding the pressure safety and hence incorporated a pressure valve. The pressure valves affixed on the lid top of 3-liter pressure cookers are meant for suppressing the unnecessary noise and vibrations. It facilitates your cooking efficiently and protects you from the wrath of excessive pressure. Majority of the 3 litre pressure cookers online are accompanied by either spring-loaded pressure valve, jiggle top indicators, or pop-up indicators.

All the pressure cookers manufactured at Mr. Cook are carved out of 100% stainless steel. In the context of durability, stainless steel is comparatively more durable as compared to the aluminum made pressure cookers. The stainless steel used by Mr. Cook is referred to as heavy gauge stainless steel. The heavy gauge stainless steel is meant for facilitating the high-pressure cooking process. The next advantage of Mr. Cook ’s ready to buy 3-liter stainless steel pressure cooker online is that they possess the caliber to withstand an extensive degree of heat.

These pressure cookers have a three-layered base which makes it convenient and preferable for even cooking of the food. Moreover, it reduces the chances of hotspot development inside the pressure cooker. Even heating assures quality and nutrient intact food. The risk of food burning and drying out during stove cooking is eliminated.

Above all is the exclusive feature of Mr. Cook pressure cookers which gives it the marketing supremacy. This feature is known as restoring heat with pressure release mechanism. Majority of the manufacturers introduced multiple pressure release mechanisms in their pressure cookers. These pressure release mechanisms were meant to vouch for the safety and security of the user. Now, most of the modern 3 litre pressure cookers online are accompanied with quick pressure release mechanism. The instantaneous pressure release mechanism ensures that there is no loss of heat during the entire process of pressure release. In turn, the quick pressure release mechanism is meant to monitor the internal temperature of the pressure cooker. As a result, it vouches on retaining the nutritive value of the food in the entire cooking process.

All 3 litre pressure cookers online and other cookware products manufactured at Mr. Cook undergoes a rigorous check under the Quality Assurance Department. It is only after the official certification from Mr. Cook’s QA department that their products are available in the market.

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News Release: Mr. Cook urges customers to buy 3 litre induction cooker online
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