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Morten St. George Claims that the Nazca Lines Were Constructed by the Tiwanaku Empire


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Fort Lauderdale (US), 6th September 2017: The Nazca Lines in the Nazca Desert of southern Peru have so far been a mystery for historians as well as for enthusiasts in ancient astronomy. The fact that there has been no satisfactory explanation of the Nazca Geoglyphs has only added to the mystery. But now a UFO website ( claims that these mysterious geoglyphs were not constructed by the people of Nazca at all but by the Tiwanaku Empire of Bolivia. This empire has left behind a lot of clues in its representation of alien artifacts which point towards the explanation of the Nazca mystery which has intrigued many.

Morten St. George has been passionately offering possible explanations to many of the ancient world’s mysteries and in this case, he has connected many dots which allow his readers to get one of the most probable explanations to these mysteries. Deciphering some of the engravings left behind by Tiwanaku people he comes to the conclusion that the theory of ‘Crying God’ as has been told by the archaeologists isn’t conclusive. He rather sees them as symbols of alien fish and aquatic aliens which are interesting given that archaeologists have referred to Tiwanaku people as an agricultural community who aren’t likely to be celebrating fishermen! The fact that there is an uncanny resemblance in the Tiwanaku drawing of the Sky God and Nazca geoglyphs opens up a whole new angle to the story.

Morten St. George who has been researching the Tiwanaku drawings and other alien drawings writes “Case In Point are drawings from the Andean region of South America and dating back to early medieval times. Here I am not referring to the famous Nazca Lines which could have a non-alien explanation. I am referring to the sky god drawings of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), a city in the Bolivian highlands. In Tiwanaku, there are no geoglyphs (ground drawings) like in Nazca, but here we find clear depictions of a creature that may be an ancient astronaut.”

It’s an interesting theory that can possibly change the way people think about the mystery of the Nazca Lines. It’s definitely worth a read and to get intrigued by this theory, visit

About Morten St. George:

Morten St. George ( is an independent ancient astronaut investigator and the author of many articles that have been widely dispersed on the Internet. He is also the author of a book called Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics.

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News Release: Morten St. George Claims that the Nazca Lines Were Constructed by the Tiwanaku Empire
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