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Monitor Competitors’ Prices Now with PriceManager’s Price Tracking Software

[Teaneck, 09/13/2017] – PriceManager, a provider of advanced software solutions, offers a powerful tool that allows easy monitoring of competitor prices. The web-based tool helps both online-only merchants and multi-channel retailers gain the competitive intelligence to price their products fairly.

Monitor Competition

For discerning online shoppers, settling is not an option. Many shoppers check multiple platforms to find stores that offer the product they need at much lower prices.

The company unveils its flagship product, a web-based tool that provides valuable competitive intelligence. The product helps merchants keep ahead of the curb and gain customers’ trust through fair, reliable pricing. With just one click, users of this tool can gain access to a comprehensive daily report of their competitor’s prices across various channels. It allows them to pattern their strategy against that of the most successful player in their market.

The tool integrates various functionalities such as discovering unauthorized vendors and scanning a retailer’s website to obtain details related to a product. Despite the robust features, the tool maintains an easy-to-use interface to save time for busy merchants, as they no longer need to figure out how the tool works. The company can even provide a free demo as well as learning resources that will help users maximize the tool.

The monitoring service is subscription-based, making it accessible to small businesses. To receive a free demo or to know more about the tool’s capabilities, the company encourages interested parties to get in touch with one of their representatives.

Keep a Positive Reputation

In an aggressive market, a good reputation is a key advantage. The company’s tool can help entrepreneurs create and maintain an image or honesty, reliability, and fairness – virtues that help build a loyal customer base.

About PriceManager

PriceManager is a trusted software company that offers a powerful yet easy to use price monitoring service. The tool helps retailers, merchants, and manufacturers keep abreast of the trends in their market, from current prices to the latest strategies.

To learn about the tools’ capabilities or to request a free demo, visit www.pricemanager. ...

News Release: Monitor Competitors’ Prices Now with PriceManager’s Price Tracking Software
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