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Mistura Offers Outstanding Handmade Wooden Watches in the UK

Each watch is a work of art and is as unique as a fingerprint. They come with a five-year warranty.

Talking to a group of models, the Mistura’s Head Designer stated, “Our timepieces are lovingly handcrafted, mostly from renewable materials which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Each piece is tailored to fit specific needs of our customers, and pass through the strictest quality assurance. Moreover, they are water resistant and can support splashes of water when washing your hands, sweat or rain. And if you wish to replace the strap, it’s designed in a way that you can easily change by following simple steps.”

Mistura’s bestsellers include the Infinite by Rayanegra, Quantico Master Edition, Volkano Santa Elena, and Lenzo Wood. The artisans dedicate over 85 hours to create a single watch because 90% of the process is done by hand. Nature is their main inspiration and is the primary guiding principle for their designs. To Mistura, the rich forests, volcanoes and deserts serve as muses, and each of their watches tells a story. Women wanting to make a fashion statement can check out Mistura’s website which offers amongst the best ladies wooden watch in the UK.

The Head Designer went on to say, “Our artistic purpose is to combine the unsystematic state of nature with the accuracy of time, to give you beautiful watches. We see to it that each creation is an experience. Our collections include wood – which is our source of inspiration and brings the uniqueness and personality in each piece. Santa Elena – Craftsmen make outstanding board pieces from the flower petals of Hortencia, at the same time maintaining their beautiful colors and shape. Arkitect – this collection summarizes the entire Mistura essence of its pieces full of personality and modernism. Nivo collection – it’s made of a mixture of materials to give it an artistic connotation. Masterpiece collection is an exploration of unknown artists that find in a mix, the chance to mold what they want the world to see.”

Nicolas Diaz, a designer, created both the Avanti and Volcano models watchcases. The Avanti model got its inspiration from tree rings which tell the tree’s age. This concept was simplified and duly incorporated to serve the purpose of the timepiece. And the Volcano model, which depicts the marks left on earth after the flow of lava. The colors also reiterate the volcanoes power, merging all the present elements to create amazingly gorgeous designs.

About Mistura

They are specialists in handmade natural wooden watches. Clients can order both women and men's watches designer brands online at the Mistura’s webs ...

News Release: Mistura Offers Outstanding Handmade Wooden Watches in the UK
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