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Men’s Dress Shirt and Suit Reinvented By a Zurich Based Apparel Company on Its 10th Year Anniversary

Zurich, ZH, Switzerland – March 26, 2019 – Zurich based clothing brand, Hockerty Apparel has proudly announced that it will be launching its Spring Suit and Dress Shirt Signature Collection on its 10th year Anniversary. The company offers a selection of stylish men’s dress shirts and suits with distinctly designed collars that maintain their shape in casual and formal wardrobe combinations.

“The Spring Suit and Dress Shirt Signature with vibrant fabrics and colors are our new and exciting line of unique men’s custom dress shirts and suits being offered for the first time to the open market,” said the company’s representative.

“We have also conducted research around all the latest trends in the world and our results has yielded a wide range of fabrics that are modern, stylish and, at the same time, comfortable. Our dress shirt fabrics selection goes from vintage-inspired patterns to herringbones, from luxurious dobby weaves to striped, wrinkle-free poplins, covering all your business, casual or smart-casual needs,” added the representative.

The primary reason behind the designing of these shirts and suits is that shirts and suits rarely stand out without colors and fabrics that reflect a smart touch of seasonal inspiration. Moreover, the creators of the collections believe that the suits and dress shirts will redefine men’s fashion worldwide by becoming the wardrobe staples that you will want to wear for years to come.


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About Hockerty

Founded in 2008, Hockerty is the e-commerce leader in custom suits and custom shirts. They offer their customers complete freedom to design their own clothes choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics and customizing many details to get their one and only unique piece to an affordable price.

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News Release: Men’s Dress Shirt and Suit Reinvented By a Zurich Based Apparel Company on Its 10th Year Anniversary
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