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Meet Your Golf Course Clock Needs With Chomko LA LLC Automated Clocks

Golf industry uses golf clocks extensively because the game of golf revolves around the time provided by them. Most golf courses are dotted with the conventional ornamental looking clocks that have big dials and are classically molded, however, the changing technology has invented golf course clock that could automate time and generate power with solar panels to run. The LA based Chomko LA LLC is a forerunner in time management and uses the latest technology to come up with the most updated golf clocks that are designed with purpose.

The company provides a huge variety of golf course clock that could be classic looking but with latest technology, self sustaining clocks that are weather proof and auto time update. You can have the digital display or analog and can order the size and the theme so you can personalize them to your golf club. The clocks are fitted with the GPS tracking devices so they update automatically and synchronize time with the satellite feed. It is important to know that these clocks are maintenance free as they are made up with weather proof material and will hardly need any maintenance throughout the year. Pace of play clocks are other specialties of Chomko and their digital display will ensure that accurate time schedule is tracked by players all the time. You can order Rolex model clocks which are highly in vogue and increase the ambience of your golf course.

The golf clock with the manual operation is no more appreciated in golf courses so you can introduce the latest automated clocks in your greens by ordering them from Chokmo. The clocks apart from giving accurate time will also provide certain elegance to the surroundings and importantly enhance the appearance of your establishment. Visit the website of the company at to see the array of option they have for you and you can also get in touch with one of their representatives on 412-482-3822 or (404) 334-0202. If you are an international caller you can dial the number 08000 248091 and get answers to your queries. Go to the web pages to find the catalogue filled with the latest model golf clocks.

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Chomko LA LLC is US based time management company which provides self synchronizing golf clocks and pace of play clocks for golf courses across the country as well as the world.

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News Release: Meet Your Golf Course Clock Needs With Chomko LA LLC Automated Clocks
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