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May Asks Britons to Unite in Face of Brexit Negotiations – INTO Investments

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, says prospects for the United Kingdom are very promising and has expressed her desire that the UK present a consolidated front in 2017 as she arranges to officially start two years of discussions to remove Britain from the E.U.

In a message on New Years Day, May said that she would keep in mind the welfares of all UK citizens and not just those who voted in favour of the Brexit, when she negotiates Britain’s withdrawal.

According to sources, May plans to raise Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, the official initiation for two years of separation procedures, within the first 3 months of 2017. Surveys show that a small number of Brits have had a change of heart regarding their stance on Brexit since the referendum last year.

“It appears that May is under pressure from those Brits who voted in favour of leaving to make a clean and quick break from the EU,” said William Carr at China based INTO Investments.

“Those who voted for remaining would prefer to maintain intimate ties with the European Union. It will not be possible to please everyone,” concluded Carr.

May has been quoted as saying that she will try to breakdown obstacles and will do her utmost to negotiate the best possible deal for working citizens.

“This is the year we need to pull down these barriers that hold people back, securing a better deal at home for ordinary, working people,” said May in a statement to the press.

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News Release: May Asks Britons to Unite in Face of Brexit Negotiations – INTO Investments
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