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Looking AT Event Planning Market from an Expert’s Vantage Point

Marriage in India can be termed as big and fat but then it is not easy to make that idea into reality because organizing marriage could be a daunting and nerve-wracking business. We looked into Bhubaneswar market through an expert's eye and discovered some insights that can be helpful to everyone in the city.

We spoke to the director of Mangalam Pvt. Ltd and he was quite thoughtful about the conversation because he believed that organizing marriage ceremonies in the city is perhaps more intricate than the idea of getting enlightened.

The market is way too fragmented because everyone thinks that they can arrange marriage ceremonies. From Shahid Nagar to Khandagiri and Chadrasekhar Pur, you can find people have opened shops but then most of them are either unaware of the market requirements or just ventured into the business because it promised profit, he said.

In brief, the market is highly disorganized anyone with a handy-cam and a few sets of lights can claim to be an event organizer but on a broader context that is not what an event organizing company does. In fact, event organization is more about planning, idea generation and meeting clients’ requirement that the market lacks.

A lot of local who live abroad come to getting married in their home town those people are highly educated and want better service. Since they are educated and have rich outlook about events, they want to get event planners and wedding planners who can give them the desired service. Ad we thrive to cater to those people who want better service and best planners, he added.

The company has been operating in the market for a quite some time now and it has learned a lot over the time. The first thing is that people here are misled by the lack of awareness because doesn't organizer here works creatively. We thrive to bring a balance between better service, creativity and client relation, and this makes us successful in the market, he said.

We thrive to bring radical revolution in the market and all our efforts are directed towards making events more organized and successful we have been successful because we have hired only trained professionals and that is our business strategy because we want to operate with clarity and understanding. We want to organize the market, he added.

The event market is growing as the city becomes smarter each day, new brands are finding the market lucrative, and the need for event planners is on a constant rise. Mangalam Pvt. Ltd is poised to serve the market in a more organized manner and looking at their reach ad their experience one can say that they might just disrupt the market with their innovative ideas.

We think that the market is conducive for event organizers and it should not be a difficult task to establish as a leading event company. The time will tell the story how the event organizing companies perform and how the city welcomes them.


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News Release: Looking AT Event Planning Market from an Expert’s Vantage Point
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