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Lice Advice – Happy Head Happy Life

Imagine you are at a party and your kid keeps scratching his head continuously, resulting in people trying to keep their kids away from him and reason is nothing but lice. The horror of it is unfathomable. It’s a widespread knowledge that lice feed off from our head, which acts as the perfect breeding environment for them, to grow and survive. When you feel the itch for more than a few weeks, get alerted that it’s not a normal botheration to your head; it may be lice working on creating their colony up there. You’ll know if that’s the case by identifying white/cream oval specs, that are known as the nits. They are lice eggs, look like dandruff but are not and it’s not easy to simply shake them off from the head. They need to be removed manually or by tight combing. Since this infection spreads pretty quickly, i.e. via head to head contact, which is quite common with kids, taking a prompt action for the same is important.
Keeping one’s head clean is general hygiene etiquette and parents as well as children must follow that. Itching your scalp in front of people or otherwise is embarrassing and unhealthy. There are quite a few ways to remove this infection. Lice can be best removed manually, by thorough combing of your head with a sharp toothed comb. There are other, mechanical ways as well, to remove lice but aren’t that effective. Experts recommend removal of lice by hands, that is completely safe as well as fool proof method. We also have firms out there who provide lice removal treatments by experienced technicians and professionals that can come at your place and do the deed for you. Then there are lice removing products, to treat the infection and all you need is a lice comb and Walmart tea tree oil. These oils act as natural treatments. Apply it on your head and comb it out nicely with the lice comb. Of course, consult with a specialist first, before using such products.
Now you may question that from where can I buy tea tree oil? These oils are available online and on stores as well. They are commonly available at almost all the stores that keep organic items. They can be easily purchased from FabIndia, Amazon, Walmart and various other online portals. Upon applying this to your head, massage well on the scalp and nicely comb through your hair. The oil’s effect is such that it suffocates the lice, which makes it easier to catch them on the lice comb. These oils, as the experts say, should be used in diluted state and not in pure form. Apart from such lice removal remedies, make sure to get your head check up done on regular basis, shampoo frequently, keep your scalp, as well as the used hair brushes clean and try to avoid any close contact with children/adults who may be infected. Keep your head lice free and life itch free.
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News Release: Lice Advice – Happy Head Happy Life
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