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Know Your Weakness And Strength

This is one common mistake most JAMBite make a lot, they intend to pass but do not focus on their weak subjects, you must know what subjects you are good at and the ones you are not so good at, outline them out, then draw out a timetable, including the subjects and how much time you will like to devote to each of the subjects, remember to focus on the weak ones, don’t get caught enjoying solving those maths equation that you forget to work on your concord. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should neglect your strengths totally, you must be able to strike a balance. Also, try to avoid any distractions while reading, work on your attention level and zero your mind on your goal, that way you can keep focused.

Attend a good UTME coaching center.

As much as its cool to read by yourself, you’ll find it easier to have a good grasp of the textbooks and past questions when being taught, you’ll have a more experienced and well-versed tutor who will walk you through the theatrics of JAMB.

Don’t forget the place of prayer.
As you prepare towards your exams by studious reading, remember to pray along so that you’ll have the wisdom, understanding and retentive memory needed before and during your JAMB exams.

If you keep to these guidelines, be ensured then, that you’ll pass your JAMB without stress and you can be confident of having 300 and above. Remember to stay confident and stay positive.

How To Pass Jamb Without Cheating

Do you want to know the secret on how you can pass Jamb without cheating?

Once you have successfully passed your WAEC, GCE, the next thing is to sit for your Jamb Exam.

Many who are about to write jamb for the first time are always apprehensive about the exam, they’ve heard gory details from their predecessors and they are convinced that JAMB is the hardest exam they can ever undertake.

Many still ask questions like “Is it possible to pass JAMB? Is it possible to score above 300 in JAMB? Can I pass JAMB without cheating?” in this article, you’ll get an answer to all these questions, if you can take your time to read this article and apply the guidelines, be sure that you’ll ace your JAMB exams excellently.

First, we must establish some basic facts, he who fails to prepare has prepared to fail, therefore, Preparation is the main ingredient of the passing jamb, when you prepare adequately, there’ll be no reason whatever to cheat.

Also, it’s not just about preparing but preparing the right way, the method and techniques you apply in preparing will determine if it will be the simplest exam you’ve ever written or the hardest. Let’s check out some of the techniques for preparing right!

Start Preparing on time!

The mistake most JAMBites makes is to start preparing at a time closer to the examination period, JAMB is an exam that needs a long stretch of time to prepare for adequately, never get caught suddenly, start reading those past questions and related textbooks the minute you register for the next JAMB. Don’t postpone or dillydally in your reading, get down right to it!

Set a Goal And Be Ready to Exceed It

You don’t only want to ace your JAMB exam but you want to excel in your scores, therefore, setting a score goal will keep you focused and determined, it will help you to outline your timetable and how many hours you want to devote to your reading, in essence, if you intend to score 300 and above, then you know that you must be ready to lessen watching of TV, playing of games and hanging out to the most minimal level so that you can devote your time to studying, if possible, discuss with your parents in a most polite manner to excuse you from the tasking and time-consuming house chores so that you can concentrate on working towards getting that 300+ score.

Be Resourceful!

Don’t depend only on past questions, employ other related and recommended textbooks, employ the use of the JAMB syllabus and ensure you cover all topics in it as no question is set outside of the syllabus, I hope you know that’s a JAMB secret? Yes, once you can cover the syllabus, you’re good to go. Read up on articles that has updated information about JAMB, know everything there is to know, ask questions on things that you’re not clear about, talk to those who have undergone the exam before and familiarize yourself with the layout of the exam.

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