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Knee Arthroscopy in Kolkata? Dr. Rakesh Rajput is the answer

(Kolkata, Wednesday, 12 May 2016) – Knee Arthroscopy helps you to know about the condition of your knee joints. Dr. Rakesh Rajput one of the renowned orthopedic of India is here to help you to cure the joint problems through the knee arthroscopy.
If it comes to any replacement surgery, Dr. Rajput is one of the most recognizable names of the country that comes to our mind. The professional excellence of Dr. Rajput lies in the systematic approach that he usually takes for treating the patients. Knee arthroscopy is one of the modern techniques that help to diagnose as well to treat the problems related to knee joints. The procedure needs a small operative, as a tiny camera will be inserted through small incision to see the condition of the inside joint. If doctor finds any minor problem, he might solve it during the process.
Arthroscopy is suggested by the doctors top either find the reason of the joint pain or if the reason is already diagnosed then to solve the problem. It helps to diagnose injuries such as torn anterior, dislocated patella, ragged meniscus or even fractures in the bone. Depending on the outcome of the result of arthroscopy doctor might suggest you a knee replacement. However, this is a very rare case. Arthroscopy is a very small operation, which takes hardly one to two hours of time, and the patients can leave by the same as of the operation.
There are certain restrictions regarding the operation such as what might you be able to have before the process of surgery. On the day of the surgery, the doctor depending on the condition of the patient can suggest doing the anaesthesia process, which might be local, regional, or a general one. The doctor will do small incision, rectify the problems if possible, and close the cut through the stitches. Before, sealing the stitches the doctor will pour out the saline water that has been put inside to have a clear visual of the inside.
However, a very little risk is associated with the arthroscopic process. In addition to the general risks of the surgeries such as bleeding and infections, arthroscopy can also have risk of bleeding inside the joints of having the clot of the blood inside the joint, knee might get stiff or the ligaments can be damaged. Nevertheless, if you are in the safe hands of Dr. Rakesh Rajput you never have top worry about such things and within a few days, you can get back to the normal life apart from some activities that might have a higher impact on knees. Once on the completion of the operative procedure you can go home on the same day after few hours with some basic precautions such as to put ice pack on the cut in order to avoid the swelling or to change the dressing. Doing the prescribed exercise by doctor will help you to achieve the fuller motion and strength of your muscles.
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News Release: Knee Arthroscopy in Kolkata? Dr. Rakesh Rajput is the answer
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