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Jackson & MacNichol Represents Veterans Applying for VA Disability Benefits

South Portland, Maine, December 21, 2017: Jackson & MacNichol is pleased to announce that their firm offers effective counsel and assistance for veterans applying for VA disability benefits for the first time. The practice specializes in helping veterans secure the benefits they are owed from their dedicated service to the country.

For veterans applying for benefits for the first time, the attorneys are available to help clients throughout the detailed process. The first step of the application process is to collect all pertinent documents. The attorneys will advise the client on which documents are needed, such as medical records and evidence that medical conditions are due to serving in the armed forces, DD214(s), copies of marriage certificates and more, along with a voided check for the account the client wants funds deposited into.

Jackson & MacNichol helps clients put everything together to complete the application process, such as providing information involving dates of service, service number, places of entry and exit, detailed information on the claimed disability or disabilities and their occurrences, information about spouses and children and more

The attorneys instruct the client on how to file a paper or online application. The final step is to complete form 21-4142 to name any non-VA medical providers from which the client receives treatment and submit everything as soon as possible. The firm is also available to appeal denials.

For more information about the firm and their services, visit the website at Jackson & MacNichol or call 1-800-524-3339.

About Jackson & MacNichol: Jackson & MacNichol is a South Portland, Maine, law firm that provides high-quality, effective representation for veterans who are applying for their VA benefits for the first time or who need to appeal denials. The attorneys walk clients through the process step by step to ensure they are well-informed throughout the often long and arduous process. The team is highly experienced in this area of law to help clients receive their benefits to help cover medical costs, bills and more.

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News Release: Jackson & MacNichol Represents Veterans Applying for VA Disability Benefits
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