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Ironing Service Launch - Sharper Dry Cleaners

Believe it or not some people like ironing. Yep freaks! One such person was a housemate of mine from years past, she’d press everything but her underwear.
Then there’s the rest of the population, who’ll do everything to avoid it: from only buying iron-free fabrics to hanging garments in the bathroom for the shower steam to work its magic. They don’t call it a “chore” for nothing.
Ironing Service Gold Coast Tips & Tricks
Therefore if you are forced to do the unthinkable and iron your own clothes here are some tips to help make it a little more bearable.
Having them hang for too long, frying in the sun or on high in the dryer, can over-dry clothes, leaving them stiff as cardboard and almost impossible to iron.
Don’t through them into a crinkled mess
As you’re taking your clothes off the line and out of the dryer, don’t forget to shake them out. This smooths seams and fabric, making them easier to iron later down the line. Hang them or lay them flat.
Iron with steam
Because steam or vapour makes creases easier to eliminate. Many irons have an in-built spray function so you can lightly mist your clothes at the touch of a button. Alternatively, keep a water spray bottle handy.
Be sure to adjust the temperature
First of all start with your lightest silk, synthetic and delicate fabrics, as these need to be ironed on lower temperatures. Then, as your iron begins to heat up, iron your woollens on medium heat, and then cottons and linens that require a higher heat. Always let the iron sit for a few minutes after you adjust the temperature setting.
Want to cut ironing time in half?
Want to cut your ironing time in half? Place a sheet of aluminium foil underneath the ironing board cover. The reflected heat from the foil means you don’t have to flip over the garment and iron the other side.
There is a right and a wrong way to iron each garment
For shirts, start with the sleeves (cuffs always open) and lay the collar flat (even though that’s not how you usually wear it), then let the shirt hang for a few minutes before putting it on. For trousers, iron along the main crease, stopping below the waist, then hang by the waistband.
Ironing skirts
And always iron skirts from the top down, unless there’s a flare, in which case, start from the bottom and work up. If you have to iron pleats, start from the bottom, working from the inside of the pleat to the outside. Then set it with a shot of steam.
Stop using circular strokes
Because ironing in circles stretches the fabric. Always iron lengthwise. Also long smooth strokes will get the job done quicker.
Making a mess of sheets
Is there anything more annoying than ironing sheets or tablecloths? The trick is to set up two chairs next to the ironing board. Fold the piece onto the chairs as you work on it. In addition you could also iron them on a tabletop you’re not too precious about, provided you protect the surface with a bath towel.
Not hanging up or folding as soon as you’re done
But make sure you wait five minutes before putting them on. You need to let the press set; otherwise you’ll be undoing all your hard work.
In conclusion if you must iron we hope that these tips have been useful. Better still use us, the best ironing service Gold Coast.
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News Release: Ironing Service Launch - Sharper Dry Cleaners
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