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I Have a Semen Leakage Problem after Urination, Any Herbal Treatment

The problem of semen leakage with urine is highly debilitating and frustrating. It poses serious threat to health as well. The semen production is on-going process in male body after puberty. The sperms are produced and stored in testicles and seminal fluids are released when male gets aroused. These are mixed in urethra and discharged on climax as semen.

The weaknesses in reproductive system cause regular presence of seminal fluids and allow sperms and semen to pass out on slight pressure or arousal. Males suffering with semen with urine problem generally notice thick fluid after urination which can be one or two drops or substantial in volume. This fluid causes burning sensation which can affect urination and keep a male uncomfortable later.

It increases chances of UTI and causes damage tolining of urinary canal. Many males even see traces of blood along with discharge and urine. Mostly males suffer with semen with urine problem due to congested prostate gland. This gland encircles urinary canal close to neck of urethra.

Congestion in this gland allows drops of seminal fluids to pass when pressure is applied to pass out last drops of urine. Inflammation and infection in prostate cause retrograde ejaculation which brings complete discharge after urination. Semen leakage problem after urination needs proper and timely treatment.

rostate gland can become congested due to malpractices like hand-practice. Regular hand-practice causes stress and seminal fluids build around prostate. These fluids are passed during or after urination. If congestion is not treated it can cause bacterial infection which is also called as prostatitis. The infection causes inflammation and prevents discharge during climax.

Male in place of discharging from tip of penis actually ejaculates in urethra. This semen is later passed out with urine. Many males have blocked sperm canals which bring sperms from testicles to urethra. Blocked canals hold some volume of sperms which are discharged later with urine.

Proper treatment for semen leakage with urination handles all these causes and also reverses its ill effects. Males at later age suffer with prostate enlargement naturally. Such males even need surgical removal of gland for relief. The treatment which we suggest can handle the problem in male of any age and eliminate need of surgery.

In young males ill effects of semen leakage problem with urination are depressing. Young males suffer with low libido, poor quality of erections and very low semen volume. They gain less pleasure on climax and lose their intensity during lovemaking.

To treat the problem quickly and holistically and reverse its adverse effects on health and virility we recommend NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules. This herbal treatment for semen after urine cures all male heath problems and improves mental and physical health. These herbal remedies in combination address entire range of causes irrespective of one’s age and provides quick relief. These also reverse ill effects of the problem and provide a male much improved vitality, virility and potency.

NF Cure capsules possess herbs which are strong anti inflammatory and diffuse inflammation of prostate gland. These also eliminate bacterial infection and cleanse prostate to improve its functions. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules both are wonderful for reducing enlarged size of prostate. These also supplement powerful antioxidants which eliminate signs of ageing and improve functions of reproductive organs.

Males gain clear urinary and sperm canals, healthy prostate and riddance from congestion of prostate gland to get quick relief from semen leakage with urine problem. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules rejuvenate entire male reproductive system these enhance testosterone level guide regular flow of energy and provide faster cell generation in reproductive system. These supplements also improve nerve functions and provide higher sensation, better control over ejaculation and intense sensation during lovemaking.

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are highly nutritive and energizing. These supplements contain bioactive nutrition in wide range to boost up vitality of a male. These remove deficiencies and enhance stamina and strength of a male. These supplements also promote hormonal balance to provide sound physical and mental health and prevent semen leakage during urination.

One gains riddance from psychological problems as well and leads a healthier life. Males getting aroused few times in the day dueto erotic fantasies, thoughts, conversation etc. suffer with the problem generally. These supplements improve male’s emotional status so that he can suppress unnecessary stimulations and stay protected form the problem.

These provide focused and alert mind, healthy body and energized reproductive system to resolve the problem for long term and reverse its ill effects completely. These supplements due to herbal nature can be used by male of any age without any side effects. These are fit to be sued for prolonged duration and do not contradict with any ongoing treatm ...

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