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How to Save an iPhone 6 from Don't Turn On

There are many reasons for your iPhone to have this kind of problem. It could be a rogue application or a buggy software update that is barring your device from booting up and the screen remains black or shows nothing even though you have pressed the Power button for several times already. Don’t be panic, you still can do something to get your dead iPhone back up and running before taking it to a technician for repair, unless a hardware problem is there. So in the following you can start with some most common used methods to try yourself.

The most evidently one would be recharging your device, there is high possibility that you iPhone or refurbished iPhone run out of power and won’t turn on and this should be the first instinctive thought. Connect your phone with a charge and make sure you are using a functional charger and that it is connected to a power outlet or wall charge. Usually you will know that when your phone is out of power but if you leave you device for a long time and pick it up and find it has no respond. And this can be really hard to tell if there is a problem or just lack of energy. If the battery is completely dead, your device will no longer respond and all you’ll see is a black screen. Considering it’s the latter that makes your iPhone failed to boot, then you should connect your device to a wall charger and let it charge for a little longer. Expect your device to respond immediately especially if the battery is completely drained. Usually it would take at least 20 minutes for the charging indicator to show up on screen.

An iPhone is a wonderful gadget device and it continues to attract a lot of people in the world, every year Apple will launch its new iPhone 6, even though a new iPhone is really expensive to most people, but people still try very hard to get one from all the channels. The facts are all kinds of iPhone including old secondhand, refurbished iPhone 6 is in huge demand. No matter what kind of iPhone you get, it will bring you trouble when it break down and the worst scenario is that you cannot turn it on again. But sometimes you do not to be panic when this happen to, there are many ways to bring it back on.

If you rule out the battery issue, then you need to find out if there is a physic damage to your device. Because if there is one and a server one, it definitely won’t respond to any action. Since physical damages are usually recognizable, you can just proceed with liquid damage check on your iPhone. This is highly recommended especially if your device has been exposed to significant liquid contact. However, if you are not confident of doing this by your own, then you can just take your iPhone to an authorized service center and have a technician check your device instead. Generally, iPhones have this liquid contact and liquid detection indicator that changes color when it comes into direct contact with liquid. You can remove the SIM card tray to find the LCI. The Liquid Contact Indicator will appear completely red if it’s had direct contact with liquid.

If you can make sure that your phone have enough power and there is no physical damage to you iPhone or refurbished iPhone, then you should try some soft reset of your device. Your iPhone may likewise not turn on if the operating system is frozen or corrupted. Ensure your iPhone is connected to a wall charger and then press the Power (Sleep/Wake) and Home buttons for about 30 seconds until the Apple logo displays. If this won’t work, try to connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and then press and hold the Power and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. This method usually works especially if the problem is triggered by a software glitch or application that went rogue.

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