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How to Manage Content for SEO for Real Estate Website - Softtrix Web Solutions

Real estate is an ever-fluctuating industry and SEO for a real estate website needs someone who can cope up with this fluctuating scenario. Not only this, due to the huge profits that this industry offers, many new names have given the edge to the competition, making it difficult for the business owners to win the top ranking in search engine result pages.
The first thing is to concentrate on your website. Your website must be optimized for real estate. Every day, new deals and estate come into the picture; and relevant content is placed on the website. When the property is sold and deals are over, these contents have to leave the website. For every new property, you write amazing Meta tags: Meta title, Meta keywords, Meta description. You write the compelling property description with eye-catching images and videos of it. These elements make your property pages ranking on the search engines. When a property is sold for which ranking is extremely good on search engines, you don’t want to delete that particular page from your website.

You don’t need to delete that page. Instead, just keep it alive and mark the property as sold. The good news is that you can drive business from the same page by listing similar properties to divert your visitors or potential customers to the relevant web pages on your site. The next important step is to make a dense location hierarchy like this: state> city> district> locality and go deeper as per your requirements. It will make sure that you always have a category to link your estates to.
Suppose the property is still sold for next three months, then you can redirect that page to other properties in the same location. That will be extremely useful and helpful for your visitors. Make sure that these properties have similar characteristics like the one sold previously. You can optimize that page with little description, title and other changes that makes it the right substitute for the old page in this category and also makes it search engine friendly.

Suppose you have no more properties to display in same category, then move up one level and redirect to similar properties within the same city. Accordingly, broaden your location settings as per availability of properties in particular locations. On the other hand, if a property comes for sale again after a few months, remove the redirects and use the initial original URL.
Once you are good at setting up the content properly, next step is to list your website in local listing and website directories to perform SEO for real estate website. Add your website to the largest search platforms. Most of the time, adding your website links to local listings and business directories is free. For faster results, you may need to pay a little amount for these sites. Make sure that all information like address, contact number, website and everything you give about your business, on these sites is accurate.

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