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How to Clean a Tub Faucet

Dirty tub faucets cause bathrooms to look dingy and neglected. Contact with dirt, body oils and soap cause faucets to build up a filmy exterior. Minerals in calcium in the water coupled with soaps and shampoos can build an overcast scum on faucets. The more residue remains on faucets, the greater difficult it might be to get rid of. Frequently cleaning tub faucets maintains their visual appeal and prevents unsightly buildup. Use fundamental methods to effectively neat and restore a tub faucet.
Fill a sprig bottle with undiluted white-colored vinegar. Spray the vinegar generously to the brass faucet. Allow the vinegar stick to the tap for ten minutes to release soap scum, dirt and nutrients.
Wipe the tap having a paper towel to get rid of loose grime.
Inspect the tap for remaining stains, scum or grime. If more cleaning is required, fill a plastic bowl with 1/2 cup of sodium bicarbonate and 1/4 cup of white-colored vinegar. Completely mix the components to create a paste using the consistency of tooth paste.
Spread the paste within the faucet, utilizing a spatula. Keep your paste around the faucet for ten minutes.
Scrub the tap having a nylon hunting pad to release remaining debris.
Dampen a gentle cotton rag with tepid to warm water. Wipe the moist rag within the faucet to wash away the paste and loosened debris.
Wipe the tap having a terry cloth towel until totally dry.
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