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How to buy sturdy puppy pens and kennels?

If you love your puppy and want to keep it secure and happy you need to buy a pen right away after going through the range of puppy pens available in the market. But, for giving your pet a feeling of a place of its own you must search for a kennel. There are lots of designs and variants of dog kennels available in the market today and you will always find one that fits your need as well as your budget.

Pens for your puppy can be for indoor or outdoor use. Then there are dog pens for the purpose of play and fun and also for exercise. If your puppy or dog is high on energy level and you do not want it to indulge into mischievous activities a play pen is your best solution. It gives an optimal space to your pet to be inside and play safely. You can not only confine a puppy in the pen but an adult dog as well.

These pens are portable fences allowing your pet sufficient space to roam around. When you are not at home and want it to remain safe you can place your dog inside the pen in your living room. Place some small toys (preferably the chew types) that will keep it busy for some time. There will be enough space to keep food tray and water bowls as well. The same pen can also be placed in outdoor yard when you are around to keep an eye on it.

Puppy pens are made of variety of materials like wire, plastic, canvas or wood. The primary condition and basic requirement is the pen should be safe for the dog. The material should be sturdy and the structure should be stable enough so that it does not topple even if the dog brushes along it. The same holds true for selecting dog kennels. The first consideration here will be its size. It should be big enough for your dog so that it can stand up to its full height, lie down, stretch comfortably and turn around. If it soils one side of the kennel and can sit on the other side. It is not wise to buy a big kennel for a small puppy as it will feel lonely inside. If you buy a big one keeping its growth rate in mind, then you may put some temporary partition using cardboard or ply.

Both kennels and crates are made of wood or plastic and often wire. The selection should be made depending on the size of the dog, its coat type and the climate in which you live. Wire kennels are good for dogs having long hair or thick coat. Also, in hot climates the dogs need more ventilation and therefore a wire mesh kennel is better than all wood kennels. The gaps between the bars should not be wide enough to let a puppy put its head in between. You can buy a plastic kennel if you have a small dog and you live in cool climate. In a good online store you will get wide range of options in buying kennels or pens. You may also talk to the store executives for their guidance in selecting the right one.

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