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How to Apply Plumber's Grease to a Shower Faucet

If your shower faucet squeals when it is switched on or perhaps is difficult to turn, the answer might be as easy as applying plumber's grease. The primary area of the faucet that must definitely be greased may be the valve stem inside a dual-handle model or even the cartridge in one-handle model. These units connect with the handle and control the flow water towards the spout. You are able to grease the valve stem or cartridge with plumber's grease by disassembling the tap handle and removing it in the shower brass faucet cavity.
Locate the shut-off valves supplying the shower with water. The shutoffs might be located behind the shower wall or even in another room behind an access panel. Take away the access panel having a screwdriver and switch the valves completely clockwise to shut. If you cannot discover the shutoffs, switch off the primary water shutoff for that house, frequently located close to the hot water heater or street.
Take away the handle that's experiencing and enjoying the problem by prying from the beauty cap on the top from the handle having a flat-mind screwdriver and taking out the screw in the heart of the handle, while using Phillips screwdriver. When the shower is really a single-handle model, locate the set screw in the handle base and release it by having an Allen wrench. Accomplish the handle.
Accomplish the collar directly underneath the handle by hands, if there's one. Lift the washer from round the valve stem or cartridge, using needle-nose pliers. Some types of shower faucets might be washer-less, by which situation this task could be skipped.
Fit a valve stem wrench completely within the valve stem or cartridge and switch it counterclockwise to get rid of.
Grease the valve stem or cartridge completely with plumber's grease and employ a cotton wool ball to smear grease in to the crevices. Add grease towards the faucet handle cavity to completely lube it.
Thread the valve stem or cartridge in to the seat by hands and tighten using the valve stem wrench. Switch the washer and collar when the faucet had one and reinstall the handle. Restore water supply towards the shower.
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