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How technology can change the face of African Healthcare system

2016 saw more than 445,000 lives lost to Malaria in Africa. The year also saw a rise in malaria cases from 211 million to 216 Million. The continent suffered immensely in 2013 when Ebola killed more than 11,300 people and infected some 28,600 in West Africa alone. With more than 90% of the estimated 300– 500 million malaria cases that occur worldwide restricted to Africans, mainly in children under five years of age, the already underfunded African healthcare systems are reeling under tremendous stress with new outbreaks of Listeria already spreading in the Western Region. The African Region has 11% of the world’s population, but an estimated 60% of people with HIV/AIDS. It is the leading cause of death for adults in the Region.
The main reason for diffusion of Malaria, Ebola and HIV/AIDS is the saturated number of the health workforce in the region. Other reasons include the insufficient resources, inadequate health statistics and lack of monitoring as well as evaluation. The sheer size of Africa is one of the biggest hurdles in effectively distributing Healthcare services.
To cross these barriers in the healthcare sector, it is necessary to bridge the gap between the required number of healthcare professionals and the existing number. Along with maintaining and updating the technologies time-to-time, training the manpower for the technological updates is equally required.
The Africa Healthcare Innovation Summit would bring together to discuss and share the proven Healthcare strategies that have worked against the immensely challenging African Healthcare landscape. The Summit is designed as a platform to leverage digital technologies, improve knowledge, skills and resources, and create channels for collaboration and consensus among key stakeholders. The Summit is supported by Africa Healthcare Federation, Africa Health Business and Flying Doctors Nigeria.
Speakers for the summit include Dr Amit N. Thakker, Chairman Of The Board, Africa Healthcare Federation; Dr. Mavuto Shanto Thomas, Chief Preventive Health Officer, Ministry Of Health-Malawi; Dr. Osamwonyi Irowa, Director, Ministry Of Health-Nigeria; Dr. Wisdom Musonda Chelu, Chief Anaesthetic Officer, Ministry Of Health-Zambia; Adam Osman, Director Of Policy And Planning, Ministry Of Health-Somalia; Dr. Phallon Mwaba, District Health Director, Ministry Of Health-Zambia; Dr. Sayo Akinremi, Deputy Director At Department Of Health Insurance, Ministry Of Health-Nigeria; Dr. Sharon Vasuthevann, President, Nurses Education Association And Dr. Albertus Van Eeden, President & Ceo, Doctors For Life International South Africa among others.

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News Release: How technology can change the face of African Healthcare system
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