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How Affiliate Tracking Application Helps Affiliate Marketers

As affiliate industry grows, affiliate marketers are interested to the industry by its lucrative performance. The demand for affiliate marketing is taken to be a demand for affiliate tracking application. To achieve long-lasting growth in affiliate marketing, ad-networks are always looking for a perfect SaaS product.

What is SaaS and Perfect SaaS based Performance Marketing application?
Software as a service (SaaS) is an application allocation model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS is one of three main categories of cloud computing, alongside infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). Performance marketing application automates crucial processes — such as tracking, reporting, conversions, and payment of affiliates. As an example we can say Adwalnut is a perfect SaaS based application.

What are the challenges your organization has faced while using SaaS based Affiliate Tracking Application?

1)Detecting Fraud Conversion.
2)Not having Multiple Currency Payout Option.
3)Not having Real Time Report.
4)For tracking Pixel Tree ad network has to hire another third party application that bears extra cost.
5)Naturally Cost has become high that reduces ROI.

What are the Solutions of the above mentioned Problems?
The heart of your affiliate marketing success lies in affiliate tracking application. Most aspects of your online business depend on tracking. The overall tracking umbrella covers Post back URL tracking, reporting, conversions, and payment of affiliates. All these and many more advanced features you can find in one basket known as Adwalnut. For exploring please visit or sign up for free demo.

Solution Delivers by Adwalnut
Adwalnut provides you the power to build your own Enterprise Performance Marketing Solution with the following features:
•Based on SAAS Model
•White Label Application
•Simple and Robust Affiliate Tracking Solution through Real Time Reporting
•Offer White listing
•Unlimited Clicks / Impressions / Conversions for All Plans
•Affiliate & Advertiser Alert
•Track Your Campaign in CPA / CPC / CPD / CPL / CPV Model
•Build on Google App Engine
You can check the budget friendly prices and detailed features on the below URL:


Adwalnut offers an extensive inventory of performance tools, and techniques that marketers can use effectively in their marketing matrix.

A SaaS based performance marketing application also known as Adwalnut builds on Google App Engine provides all the aforesaid features quite conveniently. If you want to enhance your sales by blending affiliate tracking system on your online business that you have, Adwalnut a SaaS based platform will provide you with efficient and trustworthy affiliate solution provider that will help you to scrutinize your affiliate activities in an easy way. For more details please visit

What Clients Say About Us
“We were looking for Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution. Adwalnut provides robust Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution. By using this application now we can able to track traffic on any cookie or cookie-less device. Adwalnut’s Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution is accurate and reliable. It’s the kind of application that is taking our business to a different level”.
— Craig Adams, Client Relationship, WDS Media

“With Adwalnut, we are able to manage our campaigns more efficiently. The complete system let us have a complete view of all data, which allows us to manage our advertisers and affiliates in real time reporting.”
— Manish Singh, Business Director, Performance Metrics Solutions

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