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Hotel Management Software January 2017 Update Latest for Hotel Owners

New York, NY-11 January 2017. New update for iMagic Hotel Reservation v5.90 released January 2017. This maintenance update includes the latest installation of controls released for the year. Updates are required to keep up to date with the latest changes in Windows, this resolves issues and offers and refreshed interface.

"While we release updates throughout the year adding new features we also like to rollup updates with the latest components. This keeps bugs to a minimum, fixes any redraw issues introduced in Windows and provides the customer with a fresh look.", shares Jon Walker, official company representative and head of IT.

Hotel owners throughout the year can find it difficult to keep track their guests' needs. Rooms may also require some downtime and guest calendars need to be adjusted accordingly for staffing and inventory to run effectively. iMagic Hotel Reservation provides tools to keep the business aspects of the hotel running without the cost of more expensive traditional systems.

"You don't need special hardware to run our system, any modern PC running Windows will be more than sufficient for most people." Adds Jon Walker while puffing out his chest and gloating. "We're not here to lock you in to proprietary hardware and sneaky long term contracts. We show what have up front and we're honest about it."

A Free Trial Edition is available from iMagic's website "Unlike other systems that cost ten to a hundred times as much we allow owners to try it out first. For free. Without hassle.", Jon Walker quickly adds, "We don't like hassle and we know hotel owners have better things to do."

Hotel owners not only want to manage reservations but also track payments. Additional charges can be recorded, such as mini-bar or any extras all kept together linked to the reservation. Guest payments can be recorded ad-hoc or totaled for payment at Check Out. Inbuilt reports and exports for popular accounting systems are included as standard.

"It's no good running a hotel if you're not being paid. That's not a hotel that's having bad friends over that won't leave even when you empty the fridge and turn off the mains power." Jon Walker added before the next question could be asked.

iMagic wants to help you make your guests feel special. Repeat business is important, but making a guest feel special and unique is a feeling that goes beyond business into traditional old fashioned service. Record customer preferences, rooms they like, food allergies, special events and so on.

"Why not have your front desk greet your guests with their nickname when they arrive in the lobby? It doesn't take much and it gives the opportunity for a real connection, make it easy for them brag about how good your hotel is."

About iMagic

With over 20 years of expertise, the team behind iMagic Software understands that their business is people not computers. http://www.imagichotelreservation. ...

News Release: Hotel Management Software January 2017 Update Latest for Hotel Owners
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