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Home Remedy for Cleaning Brass Plated Hardware

If you have brass-plated hardware around the house, you will see that dirt and the body oils keep to the brass because the hardware is handled. This leaves the hardware searching tarnished and aged, departing you seeking a cleaning solution that removes all this buildup without harming the hardware itself. Commercial brass cleaners are a choice, but they may be pricey and they are not necessarily on hands when you wish to accomplish the cleaning task. Rather, make use of a home cure.
Pour 1 teaspoon. salt and 1/2 cup white-colored vinegar inside a bowl.
Sprinkle a spoonful of flour at any given time in to the bowl and stir having a spoon before you produce a thick paste.
Dip a cleaning rag in to the paste, gather some of the paste around the rag, and rub a skinny coating within the brass-plated hardware.
Allow the paste take ten minutes, then wipe having a moist cloth and follow-up having a dry cloth to buff the brass surface.
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News Release: Home Remedy for Cleaning Brass Plated Hardware
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