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HMRC Features Tax Evasion Sanctions

The new penalties, first announced in last year, allows HMRC to charge civil penalties on the facilitators of the tax evasion who provide planning, advice or other professional services or physically move funds offshore.

Announcing the new penalties, Jane Ellison, the financial secretary, said: “The raft of measures we have introduced to tackle avoidance and evasion will create a level playing field for the vast majority of people and businesses who play fair and pay what is due.

Leaked Documents Embarrass Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European commission, blocked the EU’s attempts to tackle multinational tax avoidance during his time as Luxembourg’s prime minister.

According to leaked documents reported in The Guardian, Juncker, who has campaigned for greater tax cooperation between member states, was one of the few countries who used their seat on the code of conduct group on business taxation to protect their own tax regimes.

The documents reveal how a few of the EU’s member states, frequently led by Luxembourg, delayed or derailed the majority of member states’ efforts to curb aggressive tax planning.

However, a spokesperson for Luxembourg’s finance ministry argued that Luxembourg has been at “the forefront of the global trend towards greater transparency in tax matters”.

HMRC’s Nudge Letters Are “far from festive”

“We all love to hate the taxman, but he doesn’t exactly help himself,” opens a piece in The Times, questioning HMRC’s nudge tactics.

HMRC sent a letter before Christmas suggesting taxpayers may have made a mistake on their tax return. However, The Times called HMRC’s nudge approach “far from festive” and “passive aggressive”.

HMRC’s letters suggest taxpayers should “reconsider” their figure rather than enforcing penalties. The nudge formula is a tactic that emerged from the behavioral insights team.

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News Release: HMRC Features Tax Evasion Sanctions
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